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Blogger Jonas
Date Posted September 24th, 2008
10:19 PDT
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Scribbles (also known as Book of...Poems?) is a text blog posted by Jonas directly after the video Sexy Librarian Strikes Again!, and directly before the video Abduction!.


Flight landed early this morning. Bumpy ride. But I got here safe and sound. I hate flying.

You know what I hate more though? Dead ends. Run arounds.

I went to the "auction house," following all of Hymn of None's directions. And... you guessed it. No auction. Nothing. Just a gutted warehouse. Completely abandoned. Broken windows. Graffitied walls. Scratched, cement floors covered in dirt.

At first I was pissed (how could I not be?). Then cautious. Once I calmed down I decided to scope the place out. Eventually I found it...

A Crowley Collection flyer. Same one we've all seen. Only this one had some writing on the back. It was a poem, or, I don't know, two pieces of a poem.

It's definitely a message. Maybe a clue. Pointing me somewhere. Some new destination. I can't be sure. That's why I need your help. I'm posting the poem because I can't do any research right now. I'm going to keep moving around. Never safe to stay in one place.

Anyway, here's what the first part said:

For those who would endeavor
to acquire that which was His:
Respects must be paid, to those
who embody what He believed.

And here's the second:

The daughter who lived for 6 years, then died.
The bride who died, then lived for 6 years.
Yet neither has left us.
Kneel at their feet and find answers.

Can any of you help me figure out what or who these things are about?


This was, as can be imagined, a puzzle for the community to solve. The puzzle solution was two separate statues found in cemeteries in Chicago. To see how the puzzle was solved, view the puzzles page here.


Update 1

Based on some of your research, I hopped the L (and then a cab) and went over to Graceland Cemetery. I was looking for the headstone of that Inez Clarke girl -- the daughter who lived for six years.

Sure enough, on the back of it was another Crowley Collection flyer. This one was different too... in a another way. No poem. Just a set of numbers. Five numbers:


While you guys try to make sense of that, I'm gonna check out two other cemeteries -- Mount Carmel (for that Italian Bride) and Rosehill (for the Pearce dude).

I'll let you know if I find anything else...

(Thanks to Veela-Valoom, Toad, Reedabook, SouthSideHope, CharChar Binks, and Shanon).

Update 2

Got nothing at Rosehill. Mount Carmel was another story. Thanks to you guys, I found another Crowley Collection flyer -- taped to the back of that Italian Bride's headstone. It had five more digits on it.

It was definitely a phone number. I dialed and got an answering machine for Willow Woods. The answering machine gave me their address and I'm heading there now...

Will post again if I find anything.

(Thanks to Jazz and EsotericTheory for the area code hookup).