Summary (April 20th)

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Episode 8/1x008
Summary (April 20th)

Fetch me the finest French-fried fish that Finney fries

Blogger Maddison Atkins
Date Posted April 20th, 2007
Length 5:24
Description So much has happened in the last 10 days, and I know there are a bunch of people who have questions. Hopefully this fills in some gaps.
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Maddison Faye Austin
Adam Jason Zednick
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Summary (April 20th) is the eighth video in the Maddison Atkins video series.


Maddison: So it all started one day, when I got home from doing a project with Adam, and there was a pigeon on my doorstep. Adam picks up the pigeon, like a crazy man (Adam walks onto the camera, behind Maddison), and there was a note tied to the pigeon.

(Adam hands Maddison the note and then walks off camera. She holds it up to the camera.)

Maddison: So, I have this weird note that I do not know what means. " Log-in immediately. You will know the password." And on other side was just... weird dots. Dash-dash... dot-dot-dot... space. Dot-dot-dot-dot. That ended up translating to Hex... and then the Hex translated to Tagbows. T-a-g-b-o-w-s. Which was actually an anagram, and wintermute helped us figure that one out. It translated to "two bags." So, then...

(Adam walks back onto camera and hands Maddison a note.)

Adam: Don't forget to mention Whiskey.

Maddison: Well, I'm gonna. I'm gonna mention Whiskey.

(Adam walks off camera.)

Maddison: Whiskey started chewing at this. And, he chewed into it, and it was opened a little bit. So when I took it from him, I saw that there was something on the inside... which freaked me out even more. So we opened it up a little bit, and we cut the edges, and we saw what was on the inside, and it was another clue or riddle.

(Adam is now back on camera, browsing the internet behind Maddison.')

Maddison: "In an Apple, in a Ruby. Under Your Elbows. Near the wall. 11b12. Hurry." Ruby was a place called Rue B's in New York. And under your elbow... in an apple was New York... the Big Apple. And then Under Your Elbows was a bar. And then, near a wall. And the 11b12 meant that Rue B's was on Ave B between 11th and 12th. And skunkwaffle went and picked up that drop for us. And that drop...

Adam: (Whispers and hands Maddison a piece of paper) I have it here.

Maddison: Yes. ...was in this envelope and it said, "for a bottle of wine from your favorite winery." And inside the envelope was this Dr. Seuss thing. "Do you like fresh fish? It's just fine at Finney's Diner. Finney also has some fresher. And Finney says..."

Adam: Faster.

(Adam comes on camera and reads the poem.)

Adam: (Quickly) "Do you like fresh fish? It's just fine at Finney's Diner. Finney also has some fresher fish that's fresher and much finer..."

Maddison: (Whipsers) Show off.

Adam: ...But his fresh fish is his freshest fish and Finney says with pride. 'The finest fish at Finney's is my freshsest fish French frier." So, don't order the fresh or the fresher fish at Finney's, if you're wise, you'll say, 'Fetch me the finest French-fried fish that Finney fries.'"

(Adam hands the piece of paper back to Maddison and walks off camera.)

Maddison: Okay, so, let's give Adam a round of applause for that one. There was a drawing of a car and a stick figure. (She points to them.) And you can barely see it, but there's all these weird numbers placed everywhere, which ends up being guitar tablature.

(Adam holds up a piece of paper with a code written on it.)

Adam: It's a code!

Maddison: And the guitar tablature ended up being a code. (Maddison takes the paper from Adam and holds it up to the camera.) Adam drew it himself.

It was all because of deagol (she mispronounces this as dee-AHY-gull) and skunkwaffle's thoughts helping us figure all of this out. Thanks guys. Deagol? (now correctly pronounced DEE-gull) Because of the thoughts of deagol and skunkwaffle.

The guitar tablature turned out to mean... (Turns and puts hand on Adam's shoulder) What was it Adam?

Adam: Ummm... is this the check?

Maddison: We think it's a microphone reference. Check one... we don't know. So...

Adam: Did you tell them about the e-mail?

Maddison: Well, I ended up logging into that Yahoo account, and I had an e-mail from "Mr. Zipp."

Adam: He calls her microphone. "If you are willing, you can be my microphone and save my child's life."

Maddison: I decided that I was gonna be a good friend, and make Adam and Emily dinner. Which was delicious, by the way. I'm a very good cook.

Adam: But she didn't clean up.

Maddison: I was about to start cooking, and there was another pigeon. There was another clue/note attatched to that bird's leg.

(Adam holds up the note and the two vials that were attatched to this second bird's leg.)

Maddison: You gotta watch Adam with the vials. (She shows the note to the camera.) Sowehws Hipn - Aghfil Nxblq... okay, I feel like an alien. In this vial, (She holds up the vial) we have salt... and in this one, (She holds it up) water. That translated to another message using the code NACL H20. Table salt and water. (She hands the vials back to Adam) Do not eat that please.

So, with the help of lorien, that translated to... (She puts her hand on Adam's shoulder, who is again sitting at the computer.) What was it Adam?

Adam: Um, Foutain Town - Stormy Venue - No Post No Bills - 8404 Hurry.

Maddison: We have to thank lorien for finding the key, but deagol put in tons of work. Deagol's made of science. In Kansas City, limadean and zakeox found this. (She holds up sheets of paper, one at a time.) One... two... more Dr. Seuss. There's a little face drawn on it and the two right eyes were circled. So we're thinking that that means you need to look at this with the right eye, or someone with the right eyes needs to look at it. And then there's more tablature on it too. The tablature on this one means, "good check, fill the house." So we're guessing it means fill the house with an audience... with sound... we don't know.

So that's everything that's happened so far. And it's been crazy. (She shrugs)