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  • i believe the feminist themes are really emerging here in the foreground. overall, i'm rather dissapointed by sarah's recent actions. she carried around like she is so much better than the boys because she is able to manipulate mallory into flirting with chris. nice try sarah! but i think you're trying too hard. arg... - platy oct 17
can't you argue that seducing guys is buying in to the anti-feminist view of women being objects?
feminism is a difficult thing to discuss because this situation can be interpreted either way. i would argue that it is a pre-feminist move because mallory holds the power in her relationship with chris. however, i can accept the argument that the only way mallory can get information out of chris is through alcohol and sexualized flirtation. but then again, if alcohol and sex is truly the only key to retrieve the desired information then perhaps the female is supremely powerful. basically, malory might be prostituting herself in a way to get information but it is not degrading because she retains the power. - platy oct 17
  • alcohol and sex. granted, nobody got naked or bumped uglies but with all the kissing and flirting i would say "mallory used sex to get information" ...take it or leave it. - platy oct 18
    • kissing = sex? i think someone flunked sex-ed... --Me :-p
      • sexual intercourse does not have to play out before sex is present as a motivating factor. don't be turkey. log in an leave a proper signature after your comment. - platy oct 18
        • Problem is, HE was the one who kissed HER; she just joined him in a drink. But no one is accusing him of using sex to recruit HoOs. ...:says it out loud: HoOs... O.O omg, he's a Playa in Managment Position with his Hymn of Ones! :rofl: --Nieriel.Manwathiel