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final appeal

  • i guess he does say the words final appeal... i still think the phrase is more appropriate coming from jennie. what is jonas trying to tell us? is this the last time he's going to need help from fans? - platy
it is quite possible, Platy, that you may be thinking too much into it :P . . . perhaps Jonas is just tired of running/hiding/asking for help/hunting the Order/what have you - doesn't really matter, it's not our job to decipher characters' thoughts and emotions. IMHO, it's for dramatic effect. --Pheon 00:47, 15 April 2008 (CDT)

there have been plenty of objections to this note but i thought i'd toss it up on the talk page. perhaps a more appropriate place for the discussion would be here.

  • Here, Jennie takes control of her relationship with Jonas. When Jennie says You're right. I'm sorry. I'll let you finish. (but) I'm not going to wait forever, she is telling Jonas two things. First, that she is willing to compromise. Second, that she expects him to meet her half way and if Jonas is either unable or unwilling, Jennie is fully prepared to pack up and leave without him. This is a strong feminist statement of empowerment.
I have no objections to the note myself, although it does seem a bit... uh... "wordy". - Shiori 20:31, 15 April 2008 (CDT)
  • true. it is wordy. i can't claim jennie's comment as foreshadowing as of yet but within the context of the video's title and sarah'a decisions/comments in the next video, i feel confident in my abilities to forsee the future. Jonas and Jennie's relationship will become more of a focal point very soon. - platy
Well, when it happens, Platy, then it happens. Since this is an encyclopedia, we've got to stay near the hard facts for the most part -- To post anything before we have actual evidence is the definition of speculation. As for the note itself, I just get the feeling you're reading too much into the characters without much proof (yet). Now, if and once there is evidence to anything in the above, I think not only would this note be worthy to note, but it may actually be less wordy, since it won't be necessary to be so broad in the writing. --Pheon 03:57, 16 April 2008 (CDT)
si, si. i wish there was some better way to note the significance of the comment. it might be a casual comment but from a literary analysis point of view, it is a very effective comment. jonas has always been the patriarch of TAAG. he's provided the money and the car and the weapons. jennie's comment threatens that patriarch. of course i don't think many fans are ready to admit to the strong theme of sexual politics and sex roles in lg15. that might be too academic? - platy