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Hiking trails



The First Hike

The Swimming Hole

Thanksgiving Hike

Throughout the early lonelygirl15 videos, Bree and Daniel went on several hikes.

The First Hike

Bree and Daniel went on their first hike together on this hiking trail.

The Swimming Hole

This location was featured in the Swimming! video.

The swimming hole has been identified as part of the San Gabriel River in Angeles National Forest, California, near Sheep Mountain.

Thanksgiving hike

In the Thanksgiving video Bree and Daniel went hiking at a trail which is presumably somewhat close to the second motel. The trail may be in the Caballero Canyon, Santa Monica Mountains[1] [2].

The video begins with Bree sitting in Daniel's car. Some fans have commented on the moving white object which can be seen through the front window. It is probably a series of cars driving away in the distance.

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