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Lady Lazarus
Conversations with Dead People
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YouTube TheLadyLazarus

TheLadyLazarus a.k.a. Codename: Double L is a very mysterious fan fiction character connected to the GuillotineCalamity (aka Sister) ARG Arc on YouTube. The contributor of this character introduced LL by utilizing lines from the poem "Lady Lazarus" by Sylvia Plath in the first ten videos.

What is known about [Codename: DoubleL]

As of yet, there is not very much information out there on LadyLazarus (AKA "LL" or Double L.) There are more questions than answers concerning this character. One of the biggest questions is whether "Lady" Lazarus is in fact a lady.... Recent discussions on the CTK Forums have led players to believe that LL is actually a man. Of course it hasn't helped that we never really see LL's face as it is usually covered by a strange mask. Even so, LL's face has also been blurred, smudged and faded in some videos.

The change of the name from TheLadyLazarus to Double L has made it easier to create the ambiguity of gender.

Another big question is Double L's relation to Sister. There are some players who swear that DoubleL has been a truly evil character from the beginning. While it is true that her first set of videos were definitely not of a jovial nature, her more recent actions do not reciprocate such intentions.

As of late, Double L seems to be quite friendly with GuillotineCalamity. In her newfound blog a message warning Sister of her grandfather, W was decrypted. Oddly enough, this wasn't the first time Double L has sent Sister a message of warning concerning W. Though, for the sake of argument, this may also be seen as DoubleL taunting Sister about being chased.

Double L and Sister.... Friends or foes?

In all "TheLadyLazarus", "LL", "Double L", or whatever you want to call him/her is an incredibly complicated character, and will continue to be so until he/she chooses to reveal more about themself.

Video Clues and URLs

Early on in the series, Double L sent out a series of emails, received by members of the CodenameTripleKnot Forums, which, when put together spelled out LL's catch phrase "Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned." There was an issue with these notes, however, as there was obviously more to the message than was receieved.

Double L's Blog

LL's blog userpic

Double L has made several posts into his/her recently made blog on LiveJournal. The first two blogs each featured a letter to a character she calls "B" (this character is later confirmed to be YouTube user ProjectStatic). Both letters tell coherent stories, but are, in actuality, two coded messages.

The Sebald Code

On Double L's blog description there is always a hint as to which code she may be using in her current blog. For these two entries it was found that LL was utilizing the Sebald Code, which was first mentioned in Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography, and attributed to Dr. Gustav Sebald. The Sebald code is very easy to spot and almost as easy to read... if you know how. The key to spotting a Sebald code is any ringing sound. In the case of DoubleL's letters to "B" it was was the tell-tale "ring-ring" imitating a phone. Whenever that ringing is heard, the code has intiated! The first word after the ring is in code, then every 11th word is in code. When ringing is heard again, the code ends.

Blog 1

"Dearest B" Posted, January 23rd, 2007: The blog is written in plain script, unencrypted in any way (other than the Sebald code mentioned above.) After using the Sebald code technique, the following message was found within the letter.

guillotine calamity beware W is near He will get You you won't live DoubleL.

Blog 2

"Fall is dory. Horn Fist Hu." Posted, January 24th, 2007:

This blog, the second letter to "B" is believed to be a bit more important than the first, due to it being quite heavily encrypted, this time. The message had gone through multiple stages of encoding. The blog itself was posted in morse code. This was decoded to find it in binary. Decoding from binary the team found that the message was written in reverse text.

Of course, the team still ran the message through the Sebald code gambit, which revealed another hidden message:

B her eyes are black now I'm scared DoubleL

Also of note in the second blog entry is that an anagram was found in the title:

"L is for Lady, H is for Hurt"

The Videos

The second TinyPic URL photo that raised some questions, seeing as it has LL's mask over Lg15's face

In the "Rebirth Of Cassie" videos he/she has left various clues for the players to think on. Some of them in the form of tiny codes... Each of the clues we were left within these videos were tiny codes that turned out to be tinypic URLs. Each picture found in their respective tinyurl had Double L's signature mask in them... many times.

[Cassie(?)] Part I January 20th, 2007

  • Code: 2co0z01
  • Picture: A general montage of scary LL masks with the word "Hell" superimposed on the pic.

[Cassie(?)] Part II January 23rd, 2007

  • Code: 403ip79
  • Picture: A montage of scary LL masks, with a picture of Bree (wearing a scary LL mask) in the center. The backdrop was of Jonas's house. The words "hath no" were superimposed on the picture.

[Cassie(?)] Part III (Through the Wall) January 26th, 2007

  • Code: 2poqgpz
  • Picture: A montage of scary LL masks, a "Bree-head" with a partially superimposed mask, and the word "fury" superimposed onto the image.

[Cassie(?)] Part IV January 28th, 2007

  • Code: 48efdz5
  • Picture: A montage of scary LL masks, a picture of Jonas wearing an LL mask, LL's mismatched blue and brown eyes keeping watch, the word "like" superimposed on the picture.

Heed This Warning -- January 30th, 2007

[Cassie(?)] Part V February 2nd, 2007

  • Code: 2cmwzh0
  • Picture: A montage of scary masks, the word "a" superimposed onto the picture.

The Catch Phrase

When put together, the phrases in the pictures spell out "HELL HATH NO FURY LIKE A WOMAN SCORNED"

[Cassie(?)] Part VI -- February 16th, 2007

[Cassie(?)] Part VII -- February 16th, 2007

Revelations -- February, 17th, 2007

Note: The first ten videos (compiled in 'Lady Lazarus') have been removed, but when complied in reverse order, they formed the sentence "If Looks Could Kill Then I Would Make Myself Blind".

Game Ended?

On March 25th, 2007, someone claiming to be the Puppet Master for TheLadyLazarus posted a message on an LGpedia Admistrator's page stating that he is ending this ARG. Shortly after, the writers and PM of Guillotine Calamity confirmed that they will write the rest of LL's story. However, it now seems that he has taken the reigns much more and severed ties with GC to create a more lg15-centric ARG.

Series Finale

Some time ago it was announced on the LG15 forums that a series finale is being planned, and will be released in six parts. It is noted that it was originally intended for August, and all but the final video was posted.

More recently the account has been closed which suspiciously coincides with former character Tinny09's last video "Conclusion: The vindictive cousin" The last frame of the video has The Lady Lazarus's account URL and the option "Close Account" in brackets. Oddly enough the video description has the number six in it, so could this be the last part of the series finale?

Operation SCORN

It seems a YouTube profile named OpScorn is stalking Double L, and apparently has his mask.


  • ProjectStatic A YouTube user named "B", who is the character that Double L writes to in his/her blog.