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The Park

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The park was featured in the In The Park video, as well as several ARG videos such as When I Get To The Bottom Where I Stop from Cassieiswatching, and The Action of an Enemy - Be Careful from OpAphid. The park has since remained infamous.

In the LG15 video of the park, Bree and Daniel meet to go bowling with Paul and Andrea. It is at night, and the lighting is very dark and eerie. Adding to the ominous feeling, while getting in the car with Daniel, Bree took iron pills in preparation for the Ceremony.

The videos from Cassieiswatching and OpAphid, however, provide a better view of the park. Cassie claims she was there, and OpAphid uses the location to plant a drop.

Appearances of the Park

LG15 videos

Bree and Daniel meet in the dark park at night to go bowling with Paul and Andrea, and it is unclear if they ever went bowling. Bree also stood at the infamous telephone in the park. The iron pills that Bree takes are presumed to be in preparation for the Ceremony.

In hopes of finding answers about Bree's death and Gina's purpose, Gina meets Elizabeth Avery (Bree's mom) in the park. Daniel and Jonas tag along and Daniel decides to confront Elizabeth about her influence in Bree's ceremony.

Cassieiswatching video

The park is also shown in the eerie CiW video entitled When I Get To The Bottom Where I Stop. Although the colors are inverted, you can clearly distinguish landmarks such as playground equipment, sqings, the telephone that Bree stood at, and next to it a water fountain. This video was soon discovered to contain gruesome images from a Manson murder scene, and the Creators claimed that Cassieiswatching was then "too dark for their liking."

OpAphid video

The park is yet again shown in the OpAphid video called The Action of an Enemy - Be Careful. OpAphid's enemy Tachyon stole valuable information from one of an OpAPHID information-gathering facility, and lost some of it in the nearby park. This valuable information was actually the drop, and when there, OpAphid called the drop retrievers and asked them what side they were on. For more information, see The Action of an Enemy - Be Careful.

Other appearances

TheLadyLazarus apparently has been to the park.

Images of the Park

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