The Andersons

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The Andersons
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Call Me Jules Hear Me Out
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Age Unknown
Place of Origin En USA.gif United States
Portrayed by Unknown

The Andersons are the parents of Jules and Cameron. They were first mentioned in her blog, Call Me Jules.


Mr. Anderson home schooled her, making her learn many languages. Every weekend, he took Jules and her little sister, Cameron, on an educational outing and then made her write a report on what she had learned. He was very serious about Jules's studies, and didn't like that she spends so much time video blogging.


Mrs. Anderson traveled a lot, citing Paris as one of her favorite cities.

Jules's Reaction to Them

Jules was often frustrated by her parents' beliefs, wishing that they would let her do "normal things" like hang out with friends. She also expressed jealousy of the way her parents baby her little sister, Cameron. However, Jules took pride in the fact that she is "special" and tried to look past her parents' actions.

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