The Order in the Modern Empire

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The Order in the Modern Empire is a thesis written by Jonas's father (credited as R.J.W., later revealed to be Raymond Joseph Wharton). It was first mentioned in On The Road Again.


Very little is known about the contents of the thesis itself, though it is known to be long and quite detailed. It seems to detail the Order's known practices, as well as the history and movements of the Resistance.

The Resistance is known to have existed prior to the 1970s, having grouped their resources by the 1980s.

Resistance Bunkers

There is an appendix following the thesis listing known resistance bunkers and their whereabouts, as was revealed in Stiff.

Visible text from the page detailing the bunkers shows their typical dimensions and contents, as well as what life is like confined to a bunker.

  • Rooms (3):
    • Common area: Single desk, 3-4 fold-out chairs, white board; resistance movements are planned here
    • Storage area: Survival necessities including canned goods, bottled water, clothing, heat lamps, two-way radios, and desktop computers
    • Rest area

The document goes on to conjecture that there will be over 100 resistance bunkers in place by the 21st century.

See also The Bunker and Bunker #7.


The initials of people who were CCed on the document are:

  • K.P.H.
  • D.L.L.
  • G.T.K.
  • O.M.A.
  • M.B.C.
  • T.C.M.
  • J.C.N.
  • P.S.R.
  • D.T.A.
  • C.R.N.
  • S.B.C.

In Going Down, Jonas found the Resistance's Mission Statement, which revealed these people's names to be:

  • Kenneth Perry Harlan
  • Damon Lindsey Lambien
  • George Thomas Kiel
  • Oswald Matthew Angie
  • Michael Byron Carruthers
  • Theresa Cunningham McManus
  • Joseph Carmichael Naglen
  • Penny Samson Rayborne
  • Desiree Thoreux Alcott
  • Christopher Raymond Nance
  • Susan Bethany Campbell

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