George Kiel

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George Kiel
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Age Deceased
Place of Origin En USA.gif United States
Portrayed by Unknown

George Thomas Kiel was a member of The Resistance who went with Raymond Wharton and Penny Rayborne to a Hymn of One seminar to gather information. He then joined Michael Carruthers on a trip to Alberta, where they saw kids in Reinland Park. George wanted to make contact with the kids but was unable to. He was, however, able to get surveillance of the La Crete medical facility for the Resistance. He tried to enter the facility but was stopped by Carruthers, who insisted that security was too tight.

George later ran an operation to get bloodwork sent to La Crete. The operation failed after Carruthers lost the carrier en route. Shortly after this, a raid on La Crete went wrong and it was revealed that Carruthers was really a mole from the Order. It is implied that George was one of the members who sided with Carruthers, and was ultimately killed after Carruthers achieved his goal of splitting the group up.

When Jonas and Jennie look around the museum thats blueprints were found in the microchip in Jonas's chest, and they find suitcases containing the life's work of each member of the Resistance. They look through George's, which contains notes on the origin of the Order and also contains his hat.

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