Lord Carruthers

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Lord Carruthers
First Appearance Last Appearance
Lonelygirl15 Season Finale 10 of 12 – 5 pm Prom: It's To Die For - Part 4
Character information
Age Unknown
Portrayed by Reza Bahador

Videos with Lord Carruthers

Lord Michael Byron Carruthers is the Elder who received Bree's blood during the Ceremony, extending his life. After the death of Dr. William Porter, Carruthers is now believed to be the head of the Order, using his power, among other things, to help secure Edward Salinas's spot in Congress via funding through Sacred Spirit.

Lord Carruthers's crest.

Carruthers rose to his position as an Elder after his role in breaking up the original Resistance. He existed as a mole within the group to break them up from the inside. He gathered supporters by promising the more corruptible members of the group eternal life. Once he gained enough support, he was able to drive the other members into hiding. Unfortunately for the members who sided with him, Carruthers killed the "puppets" once his job of breaking up the Resistance was complete.

He is first identified when Steve recognizes his crest as belonging to a man he's seen hanging around the London branch of the Hymn of One. Steve informs Jonas of this, who journeys to London in search of more information. The two attempt to track down Carruthers at his office, only to be thrown out of the building by his secretary, who claims that it is his day off.

In the video Prom: It's To Die For - Part 4 Carruthers meets with Salinas, Lucy, and Carl back in Los Angeles. During the meeting, it is implied that Lord Carruthers, not Michelle Clore as was originally assumed, was truly behind the hit put out on TAAG. Salinas attempts to offer him footage of Gina's death so that he can ascend within the Order, but Lucy pulls him away after discovering that TAAG is eavesdropping on the conversation.

Doll Obsession

Before her death, Bree received a marionette doll from Carruthers as a replacement for P. Monkey, (though it was rejected by Bree). Months later, Lucy was seen picking up a doll for him, which he allegedly planned to give to another trait positive girl. He is known to have a massive collection of, and an apparent obsession regarding, antique dolls. In fact, Steve discovered that Lord Carruthers was the only person in the last year to look at a doll in the Museum of Childhood that had once belonged to Aleister Crowley.


  • Oddly note that the first time we see Lord Carruthers is with the death of Bree, his final appearance in lonelygirl15 coincides with the death of her sister, Gina. He has yet to be seen in The Resistance, or even mentioned.

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