The Project (Walter)

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Facility J 009
The Project (Walter)

That's the way he wanted it.

Blogger TravelerJ19
Date Posted February 16th, 2007
Description I'm sure that he will let you know if he wants any further assistance.

Attribution: Jose Serralde - Tango del Ajenjo

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The Project (Walter) is the ninth video in the Facility J ARG series.


(TravelerJ19 Speaks) It looks like you have succeeded in finding Walter. It may have been difficult, but that's the way he wanted it. He's always been a little paranoid. Something about leaving his last employer on bad terms. He's an old family friend. He's an old family friend, and we became closer when my family hit rough waters. For as long as I can remember, he's told me about his project, and how important it is. I never believed him, but I was willing to indulge the grandiose claims of an old man. That all changed when he showed me footage from the Facility. Now I know that his claims were, perhaps, not bold enough.


TravelerJ19 connected us with WalterDW Dabrowski, who then began posting videos of his own.

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