The Russell Family

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The Russell Family
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First Appearance Last Appearance
Tez on Toast KateModern S2 Week 22 Recap
Character information
Age Various
Portrayed by Dave, Maxine, Molly, and Cody McKenzie

The Russells are a family who decide to picnic at a local park on a rainy afternoon. The father, Dave, films the outing, and brushes off his wife Maxine's concerns about the weather. The little boy, Cody, is carried by his mom to a picnic bench and given something to eat while his older sister, Molly, kicks around a soccer ball. Unfortunately, after one unusually far kick, her soccer ball is intercepted by Terrence, who takes the camera she is now holding, and asks her name. Maxine, seeing this interaction, runs up to her daughter's defense, only to be hit by Terrence. Dave then runs up to Terrence, but Terrence proceeds to beat him with a large stick.

Dave Russell
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