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Warning! This page contains humor. If it's hard for you to deal with that, please move along.
P. Monkey is the ruler of the world.

Facts about Purple Monkey

  • Purple Monkey is trait positive.
  • Purple Monkey is LaRezisto.
  • Purple Monkey will give himself up to protect TAAG.
  • Purple Monkey is awesome. This is proven every single day he's around!
  • Purple Monkey was not a plant by the Order; Purple Monkey IS the Order!
  • Purple Monkey is not a reversible hand puppet.
  • Purple Monkey was made in China.
  • Purple Monkey killed Gemma as revenge for insulting him.
  • Purple Monkey's real name is Kate.
  • Purple Monkey is in the mountains near Sedona.
  • Purple Monkey is in the Hymn of One.
  • Purple Monkey got it from his mama.
  • Purple Monkey and Bree had a secret love affair until he cheated on her with Sarah, and then Bree broke it off.
  • Purple Monkey invented his name to protect himself from the Order. His real name is Pappa Geppetto Monkey Puppet.
  • Mallory was cheating on Daniel with Purple Monkey.
  • Purple Monkey was the spy that helped Virgil hack into Jonas Conference Call. Purple monkey is, however, the one that killed Virgil.
  • Everynight before he goes to bed, the boogeyman checks his closet for Purple Monkey.
  • Purple Monkey's middle name is pain.
  • Everytime Purple Monkey listens to a song, Apple pays him 99 cents.
  • Purple Monkey doesn't wear a watch, Purple Monkey DECIDES what time it is.
  • Purple Monkey killed the watcher in the woods. The other HoO members fled because they fear the wrath of the Purple Monkey.
  • Purple Monkey is really Bree and paid a young actress to portray him/her so that he/she could run away from the Order.
  • Purple Monkey can FLY!!!
  • Purple Monkey is an alter ego for Clark Kent/Superman.
  • Purple Monkey was wounded and lost his legs in the Vietnam War.
  • If you strike Purple Monkey down he will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine. However, nothing is strong enough to strike down Purple Monkey.
  • Purple Monkey is Immortal.
  • When Purple Monkey does push ups, he's not pushing himself up. He's pushing the world down.
  • Purple Monkey can kill 2 stones with 1 bird.
  • Purple Monkey doesn't play God. Playing is for children.
  • Purple Monkey went skydiving, but promised never to do it again. One Grand Canyon is enough.
  • Purple Monkey isnt actually purple, he only appears purple to inferior human eyes.
  • No one will ever be able to predict who Purple Monkey will kill next, because he kills them before anyone knows about them.
  • Purple Monkey will save Carl, defeat Salinas, find Carruthers, avenge Bree's death, and take down the Order all before drinking a mug of steaming hot cocoa. Mmhmm!
  • Purple Monkey is Brother and Tachyon, simultaneously.
  • Purple Monkey is having an affair with Jonas.
  • Purple Monkey is genderless.
  • Purple Monkey will kill Lucy in the season 3 finale.
  • Purple Monkey will run for US Congress and win causing Edward Salinas to go insane and be sent to a Mental Institution for losing to a handpuppet.
  • Just one look in Purple Monkeys eyes will cause a person to either fall inlove with Purple Monkey or go completely insane.
  • Purple Monkey counted to infinity. TWICE!
  • Purple Monkey is on a mission to destroy the Orders Top Secret base on Mars.
  • Purple monkey IS The Order!
  • In Soviet Russia, Purple Monkey wears YOU!!
  • I saved alot of money on my car insurance by switching to Purple Monkey.
  • Purple Monkey will go back time driving in a De Lorean to when Bree first started making videos to warn her about The Order
  • Purple Monkey can sneeze with his eyes open
  • it takes 20 minutes for Purple Monkey to watch 60 minutes
  • Purple Monkey should be on dancing with the stars, because he can boogie like theres no tomorrow and of course evry one knows he's a star.