Things Fall Apart

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Episode 417/3x007
Things Fall Apart

Jonas wants YOU to fight the Order!

Blogger Sarah
Date Posted February 16th, 2008
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Length 1:27
Description Jonas went CRAZY after we saw Emma's video.
Location(s) Rented Cabin at Big Bear Lake
YouTube Tags lonelygirl15 lg15 sarah soccerstar4ever jonas crazy out of control
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Miles Beckett, Greg Goodfried, and Amanda Goodfried
Series Producer(s) Amanda Goodfried
Director(s) Marcello Daciano
Camera Kevin Schlanser
Vidplay Jake Coburn
Story Jake Coburn
Editor(s) Matt Vanselow
Music Supervisor Seth Jacobs
Jonas Jackson Davis
Daniel Yousef Abu-Taleb
Sarah Alexandra Dreyfus
Jennie Melanie Merkosky
Gina Crystal Young
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Things Fall Apart is the four-hundred seventeenth video in the lonelygirl15 video series. It is also the seventh video of season three.


Daniel: Hey!

(Jonas is walking toward his truck with a bag over his shoulder.)

Sarah: (off-camera) Jonas, come on!

Daniel: Jonas, where're you going? Talk to me, man!

(Jonas throws the bag in the truck.)

Sarah: Jonas, what is your problem?

Jonas: Back up. I'm going to find Emma. I'm gonna find her.

Daniel: Dude, you don't even know where Emma is or where she's going! For better or worse, that's how she wanted it.

Jonas: Yeah, maybe!

Daniel: Bro- (Puts his hand on Jonas's shoulder.)

Jonas: You know what, get the fuck off me! (Pushes Daniel.)

Sarah: Whoa! Jonas, what the hell?

Daniel: What the fuck is your problem?

Jonas: Stay the fuck away from me! Both of you! Shut up!

Daniel: Hey...

Jonas: You know what, man? I would not expect you to understand anyway, because you're the one that let Emma go through with the Ceremony. (Daniel walks out of frame) Aren't you, Daniel? Aren't ya? Yeah, just walk away.

Daniel: I'm walking away.

Sarah: Jonas, what do you think you're doing? (Jonas runs after Daniel.) Jonas!

(Cut to the inside of the cabin.)

Jonas: Where the fuck is Daniel? Where is he? Huh, where is he?

Jennie: Jonas, stop; this isn't Daniel's fault! This isn't anybody's fault!

Jonas: Jennie, shut up! Shut up, alright? You've been bullying Emma to leave ever since we got here!

Jennie: What does that mean?

Jonas: Oh you heard me. And where in the world did she get the money to buy a train ticket, Jennie? Where'd she get it?!

Jennie: You go to hell! (Walks out of the room.)

Jonas: Where'd she get it?

Jennie: Shut up!

Sarah: What's happening here?

Jonas: Get out of my face! Huh, what are you looking at?

(The camera pans over to Gina and then back to Jonas.)

Jennie: You know what, I gotta say something.

Jonas: Oh, you're back? Oh, hey, you're back!

Jennie: Yes, yes I'm back Jonas. From day one - day one - I have risked everything to help you guys, and protect Emma, and I don't know what the fuck to do anymore!

Jonas: Where did she get the money for a train ticket?

Jennie: I have risked my life and saved yours and this is how you're gonna repay me?

Jonas: Where the fuck did she get the money?!

Gina: I gave it to her! I gave Emma the money, okay?


  • The title of this video may be a reference to Chinua Achebe's 1959 novel of the same name, or the W.B. Yeats poem, 'The Second Coming', from which Achebe's novel takes its name.
  • Even though Sarah is the blogger, she is never seen in the video. She is clearly heard, however.
  • The events of this video take place on Friday, February 15th, 2008, despite having been posted on Saturday. But the caption says that this takes place "after" emma's video. Which means this video was most likely filmed as soon as Jonas saw the video. As to why it was posted on saturday, who knows.