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{{GoneHiking|his trip to Sydney, Australia for World Youth Day|July 29th, 2008 (I'm going to try and record some of my travels, maybe I'll post some up when I get back . . . or even over there if I'm lucky)}}
{{GoneHiking|returning to school|well, not too sure . . . I promise I'm gonna try and be here as much as I can, but I have to recognize school comes first -- that, and this summer never really gave me the chance to be as devoted as I was in 2007, so I feel really disconnected at the moment. :(  But at least I'm not behind on videos (*Sigh*)}}

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This user has taken a hike

Phoenician is temporarily taking a break from LGPedia due to returning to school and will probably return by well, not too sure . . . I promise I'm gonna try and be here as much as I can, but I have to recognize school comes first -- that, and this summer never really gave me the chance to be as devoted as I was in 2007, so I feel really disconnected at the moment. :( But at least I'm not behind on videos (*Sigh*).


First Appearance
Last Appearance
Phoenix, AZ
Spring Break!
Person information
Age 19
Birthday (Pieces)
A Few of My Favorites Things
LG Episodes: Sweating Bullets, 4 Girls, 2 Guys
KM Episode: Money in the bank (G&T ROCK)
Song: "Bus Stop" by the Hollies
Color: Maroon

Phoenician a.k.a Pheon is a random contributer in the LGPedia. (Oy, this 3rd person-voice thing is crazy to keep up!)

Besides lonelygirl15, I enjoy many television shows (Gargoyles, Seinfeld, House M.D., 24, Kim Possible, and Everyone Loves Raymond are always faves, but I am also loving Kyle XY, The Riches, and Carpoolers) as well as many books (Harry Potter and a Series of Unfortunate Events have consumed my summer, but I also LOVE Roddy Doyle's Henry Smart series.) and movies (Go PIXAR and Pirates of the Caribbean!) I've also recently become a fan of quarterlife (and before it hit the airwaves, folks) . . . .

Oh, and here's a fun fact for the kiddies: My YouTube account is actually as old as the Grillz video (though I didn't start watching LG15 until later that summer)!

My LGPedia Activities

I'm keeping an eye on many of the character pages on this site. No doubt the pages that recieve the most attention are the Video Blog Summaries for the latest episodes. However, I've noticed that many of the character pages (especially the Trio's) were written with their most basic and oldest of information, not taking into account the most recent of events.

I gotta get a normal life again!

Of all the character pages, I would have to say that I've worked with Sarah's, Alex's, Bree's, and Daniel's the most. I've played with others, but these are the ones I think I've done something significant.

I've also helped out with the article, Then and Now: A Look Back at Lonelygirl15 Through Time for the one year anniversary of Bree's first Blog.

I've added songs to the LG15 Soundtrack. Not a difficult task really, but hey, someone's has to do it . . . I guess.

In the fall of 2007, I took a hiatus from the LGPedia simply because I wasn't able to keep pace with the latest videos (what with tests, essays, and real life in general), so I didn't visit in an attempt to remain unspoiled. This past December however, I finally managed to catch up (120 vids in roughly four and half hours, good Lord). Trust me, if you are a fan of this show, do not do the same thing because beleive me, I won't fall that far behind again!

Now into LG15's third year (already?!), I've been busy here and there continuing to work on several character pages (Jennie and Gina significantly), as well as many of the Order's fronts, including the Hymn of One, the Hart Study, and the Lullaby Project. I'm also trying my best to be of some help in the Mighty FanFic Revamp.

Last, (and certainly not least) I'm also a proud member of the Sarah Fan Club.

My LG15 Hobbies

When watching the LG15 series, one of my favorite things to do is try to come up with a decent title for the larger story arcs. Of course, this is an impossible task, as there are SO many arcs happening at any given moment in this series, that these titles can't fully give justice, but I do think they emphasize the mood and overall theme over the course of episodes that I've associated them to.

Story Arcs

  • Chapter I: (June 2006 – November 2006)
    • Episodes 1 – 10: I - THE BEGINNING
    • Episodes 11 – 25: II - BEDROOM CHATTER
    • Episodes 26 – 40: III - DENYING DANIEL
    • Episodes 41 – 55: IV - FOLLOWING BREE
    • Episodes 56 – 64: V - GETTING OUT
  • Chapter II: (November 2006 – April 2007)
    • Episodes 65 – 83: VI - ON THE RUN
    • Episodes 84 – 95: VII - FORK IN THE ROAD
    • Episodes 96 – 108: VIII - GEMMA’S DECEPTION
    • Episodes 109 – 121: IX - BREE’S DEPRESSION
    • Episodes 122 – 132: X - DANIEL’S FOLLY
    • Episodes 133 – 150: XI - JONAS’S INNOCENCE
    • Episodes 151 – 160: XII - ON THEIR HEELS
    • Episodes 161 – 172: XIII - GOING SOUTH
  • Chapter III: (April 2007 – August 2007)
    • Episodes 173 – 182: XIV - LAYING LOW
    • Episodes 183 – 196: XV - A NEW CROWD
    • Episodes 197 – 213: XVI - WANTING BREE
    • Episodes 214 – 230: XVII - THE GILMAN FILES
    • Episodes 231 – 242: XVIII - UNDER SHADOWS' EYE
    • Episodes 243 – 255: XIX - DAY OF DEFEAT
  • Chapter IV: (August 2007 – October 2007)
    • Episodes 256 – 265: XX - SCATTERED SOULS
    • Episodes 266 – 282: XXI - BIG BROTHER
    • Episodes 283 – 303: XXII - WITLESS SURRENDER
    • Episodes 304 – 319: XXIII - BABIES AND BLUES
    • Episodes 320 – 334: XXIV - EMMA AND THE ELDER
  • Chapter V: (November 2007 – January 2008)
    • Episodes 335 – 355: XXV - LOST WITH THE LULLABY
    • Episodes 356 – 374: XXVI - MALLORY'S FALL OUT
    • Episodes 375 – 388: XXVII - SAVING SARAH
    • Episodes 389 – 398: XXVIII - COMING HOME
    • Episodes 399 – 407: XXIX - BLOODLINES
  • Chapter VI: (January 2008 – Present)
    • Episodes 408 – TBA: XXX - LIVING BY THE LAKE

My Other On-Line Memberships

Too Many Websites. . .

Joined 2003:

  • Gargoyles FiendSite (Ask Greg & the CR)
  • The Unofficial Unauthorized 24 Page (A mere reader)

Joined 2004:

  • The 24-Archive
  • The 24 HQ (formerly "The Mountain Lion") (Again, mere reader)
  • CTUsecure: Classified (Inactive)

Joined 2005:

  • BZPower.com
  • The 24 Community (formerly "Ryan's Report")
  • Mary-Lynn-Rajkub.com (Inactive)

Joined 2006:

  • TVRage.Com
  • PIXARPlanet.Com

Joined 2007:

  • The Wiki-24
  • Bebo.Com

My Userboxes

LG This user has been following lonelygirl15 since August 2006 (Poor Pluto).
Hymn of one logo.jpg This user is 30% compatible with the Hymn of One.
Sym str.jpg This User wants Daniel and Sarah to hook up.
JonasMini.gif This user's favorite lg15 character is Jonas.
Tachyon They Are Watching.JPG This user wants to Bring Back Tach.
Longitude.jpg This user is an administrator on LGPedia.
I like Donuts.JPG This user's favorite art installation piece is "Bored As Hell Blogging."
KM0123-MrGnome-cropped.jpg This user's favorite KateModern character is Mr Gnome.
PREV This user 'previews' their work ... for the most part.
Bree how dumb am i.JPG Watch Out -- This user'll 'go Bree' on you!.
0184-SarahHoldingLipstick-Cropped.jpg This user is a member of the Sarah Fan Club.
0048-14Hours.jpg This user has been up for 14 hours, and feels fine.
NoWebCam.jpg This user has never made a Fan Video. What's up with that?
Sarah1.jpg This user believes that Sarah, should have her own SkyIsEmpty video making account.
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