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Episode loneldude15 #2
Wahple - Daniellebeast

Wanted in all 50 states!

Blogger Lonelydude15
Date Posted July 6th, 2007
URL youtube.com
Description a parody of lonelygirl5 the second in a short series
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YouTube Tags daniellebeast beast danielle a homeless wahple clarisse madeleine brett losers who eat waffles
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This is the second video in the lonelydude15 parody series.


Danielle: Hi, my name is Danielle. But some people call me Daniellebeast, because I am a beast. Well, because I've killed 20 people. Three in Pueto Rico and other countries that you're not allowed to know, and the other seventeen in the United States. Um, I'm Brett's friend. Oh, as you can maybe tell, I'm homeless! And, Brett is out getting food, but yesterday, we got a rapper, left over of course. But, this is all we can get. It was delicious. As you can probably tell, I'm homeless! And there's many reasons for that, but one is that I found out Brett's religion is bull-schnapp. And Brett is, right now, finding food for us to come and eat in the back of his truck.

(Musical montage of Danielle climbing around the back of the truck.)

Danielle: It's amazingly cool. And it's very chilly out here in the middle of summer. Yes and... yeah!