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Episode loneldude15 #1
Wahple - lonelydude15

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Brett looking at some pictures.

Blogger Lonelydude15
Date Posted July 2nd, 2007
URL youtube.com
Description a parody of lonelygirl5 the first in a short series
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YouTube Tags lonelydude15 ld15 lonelygirl15 wahple clarisse madeleine brett danielle dude what this and where is my car madtv sort of
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Wahple - lonelydude15 is the first video in the parody series, lonelydude15.


Brett: Hello... I'm Brett, and I'm... I'm lonely. And... I don't know... there's a few things about me you might want to know. I'm lonely, if I haven't said that yet. Probably did. Um, sometimes I cut myself, that's always fun. Weird religion, you know, sometimes we all like to cut ourselves. Um... and then my friend thinks it's weird to cut yourself, but whatever. Um, her name is Danielle, and these are some... um... pictures that we all took. This is Danielle. This is me and Danielle. Sometimes we like to kill each other. This is a monster... perfect for after you cut yourself. It really gets he pain away. This is Danielle... Danielle... wo... that's Danielle... Danielle, Danielle, Danielle, Danielle again, thats me... crazy, that's some random boy, I don't even know what that is, um...let's see... Asian, that's an Asian, that's an Asian, that's an Asian, that's an Asian. Why was I barely in it? Anyways so I guess you got the point... I'm lonely.