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This article is about the LGPedia administrator. For other Zoeys, see Zoey (disambiguation).

Zoey has been watching LG15 since the summer of 2006, and currently serves as the head administrator of the LGPedia. She also acts as the founder and president of the Juggling For World Peace movement.

Zoey's Work on the LGPedia

Starting out as just another lowly user and editor of the LGPedia, Zoey's dedication and talent soon became apparent, and she quickly rose to the position of head administrator of LGPedia, a title she has held since May 2007. Zoey is the first LGPedia user to to have made more than 10,000 edits, a truly noteworthy feat and on June 18th, 2008 Zoey completed her 20,000th edit <ref>"ZOEY: 20,000 LGPedia edits!!!!!!!!" on LG15 Today</ref>. This momentous achievement was recognized on Inside LG15 <ref>"Zoey Hits Momentous 20,000th LGPedia Edit!" on Inside LG15</ref>.

"It Starts With A Kiss"

On June 23, 2008, Zoey released a video called "It Starts With A Kiss" on YouTube. It is no longer available for viewing due to a copyright claim, however. The video explored the many relationships that have been established within the lonelygirl15 <ref>"lonelygirl15 relationships" on the LGPedia</ref>. The video was critically acclaimed within the community and received over 70 diggs on the social bookmarking web site Digg<ref>"First kiss: an amazing look at lost innocence." on Digg</ref>. The video was also used by LG15 Today to ask community members if they remembered their first kiss<ref>"It Starts With A Kiss - ZoeyDahling" on LG15 Today</ref>. "It Starts With A Kiss" was also recognized by Inside LG15<ref>"It Starts With a Kiss" on Inside LG15</ref>.


Rachel's, a main character in Redearth88, video, 2 Girls 1 Dwelling, contained a shout-out to Zoey.

LG15 IRC Chat

Zoey is also a longtime IRC user, and has been an operator in the LG15 IRC chat room since its inception in November of 2007.

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