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15OVER15 Worth The Wait?
Character information
Age Unknown
YouTube 15over15
Portrayed by Unknown
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15over15 is a mysterious character in Redearth88 and the Maddison Atkins ARG. While assumed to be in the Resistance (like Linc), it is unknown what side this person is on. Their YouTube account was first discovered after Linc told us that he had recieved a call. When we called the number, we heard a music mashup puzzle. After going through all the answers, the fraction 15/15 was the answer, and the account 15over15 was found.

In the YouTube description, 15over15 tells Linc to protect Rachel, however from what is not made clear; he/she also warns Clara to keep the camera on.

15over15 only has one video, appropriately titled 15OVER15. It is six seconds long, and is not very clear, except for the fact that it says "15over15" at the end.

The identity and even gender of 15over15 is unknown, however many suspect it's OpAphid due to apparent clues possibly left in the video Remember Me?

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