Dr. William Arscott

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Dr. William Arscott
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Dr. William Arscott is a character in the Maddison Atkins ARG and Redearth88. He is Clara Stokes's cinematography professor and academic advisor at Stephen F. Austin. He assigned her the topic of "Maddison Atkins and Adam Wilmott's deaths" for her final thesis. There has been much speculation as to his motivation for doing so.

Also, in Rachel's video Where Does The Time Go?, she thanks her film professer, Dr. Arscott, for giving her an extention on her project. The idea that there are two Dr. Arscotts in the story is very far-fetched, so viewers are left to assume that they are one in the same and that Rachel attends Stephen F. Austin with Clara.

Later on, Marla acknowledges receipt of an e-mail from the online community asking for help in establishing communication with Dr. Arscott, which later turned into a video project for the community. His reaction to the video (or if he's even seen it) have yet to be revealed.

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