677 Dickinson Rusk

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Episode 24/2x011
677 Dickinson Rusk

677 Dickinson Rusk.jpg
It's amazing what you can buy for a dollar these days.

Blogger Clara Stokes
Date Posted July 22nd, 2007
URL youtube.com
Length 4:23
Description So we went out and checked out the church school. Met a strange couple and poked around outside.
YouTube Tags Dickinson 677 Rusk Maddison Atkins Clara Stokes Church Couple Hospital
Clara April Rickman
Adam Lamar Adam Lamar
Scott Jeromy Barber
Rene Vicki Tippit
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677 Dickinson Rusk is the twenty-fourth video in the Maddison Atkins video series. It is also the eleventh video of chapter two.


(Adam and Clara are driving down a highway, various signs and random things are shown.)

Adam: Twelve miles 'til, uh, where they keep Leatherface. According to everybody's parents it's where they grew up.

(Adam turns the camera to Clara, she's asleep.)

Adam: Clara?

(He nudges her.)

Adam: Clara!

Clara: Mmm?

Adam: We're here.

Clara: Mmkay, let's do it. (She starts to get out and realizes that Adam has the camera.) Whoa, wait. (She takes the camera and exits the vehicle.) Gimme that.

(They take the camera and go around the building as a song plays. The camera goes through a parking lot and a back storage room showing wood and broken shelves scattered across the floor. Back outside, Adam tries to get into the building and then walks back to Clara unsuccessful.)

Clara: Well?

Adam: Still locked.

(Clara hears someone approaching and turns the camera to see a man and a woman approaching.)

Scott: How ya' doin'!

Clara: Hi..

Rene: (Barely audible.) Hi.

Scott: (He points to the building.) Well this is all locked up they keep, they keep the facilities closed, uh, Sunday afternoons.

Clara: Um, well I was just wondering if you could tell me anything about this building? Do you know wh-what goes on here?

Scott: Who, who are you guys? I'm Scott. (He shakes Adam's hand.)

Clara: Oh, sorry! Yeah-sorry.

Adam: Adam.

Scott: Adam? (Continues to shake his hand.)

Rene: Adam, I'm Rene. (She shakes his hand)

Scott: (overlapping) Oh sorry, this is my wife, Rene.

Clara: I'm Clara.

Scott and Rene (together): Hi, Clara.

Clara: Uh, yeah, I just- came here to find this address and...I'm not quite sure what this building is.

Scott: (Pointing to the building) Well this is a school and this school actually allows our small church to uh, to meet here on Sunday, on Sunday evenings.

Clara: Oh, so it's a church?

Scott: Well, it's primarily a training facility for young Christians.

Clara: Did it always, was it always a church, had it always been a church?

Scott: Umm, no, it's-you know, it's actually really an incredible story that God gave this building to the school, for a dollar. It used to be a medical facility of some sort. I'm not sure what kind of medical facility it was, it may have been a clinic or something just for the area maybe like a local branch of ETMC...but I'm not sure, I'm not sure. I wasn't here then and, um, but yeah that's what it used to be.

Clara: Do you know anybody who maybe used to work here or has been around since the building's been around?

Scott: Ummm, I don't...I don't.

Clara: Well...what about, do you know Joel Frady or Duke Johnson by chance?

Rene: No, I don't think so.

Scott: So uh...alright. What about um- (To Rene.) What about that woman who... who can't make it to church anymore. Her-her grandson comes...uh-Donald.

Rene: Sister Donald,-

Scott and Rene (together): Judy Donald!

Scott: Judy Donald. We have a congregate who can't come to our services anymore because, uh, because she's homebound. She's about 80s, in her 80s and she stays at home; but uh, but she tunes in with us on the radio so she's pretty, she's pretty faithful but you know but uh I can contact her grandson and see if maybe you guys can meet, you know and talk about the history of the building because I think she worked here.

Clara: Thanks, yeah that would be great.

Scott: Do you have a (makes pen motion with his hand.) like, uh...uh a card or a-?

Adam: I have a card.

Scott: Yeah! Thanks! Well, great. We will talk to them and um... I don't have a pen but um... I'll just remember that you guys are interested in the history of the building. Well, listen, we need to get back to preparing for our service so...

Clara: Oh, yeah yeah, sorry.

Scott: Alright.

Clara: Thank you so much!

Scott: Take care! (he and his wife wave and walk off.)

Adam Dude, we're not going to that.