Text and Voice Messages

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Episode 25/2x012
Text and Voice Messages

Text and Voice Messages.jpg

Blogger Clara Stokes
Date Posted July 22nd, 2007
URL youtube.com
Length 2:03
Description Frady Escaped. Adam and I went to eat, and when we got out, I had these messages on my phone. What do they mean? Please help..
YouTube Tags Maddison Atkins Clara Stokes Cell Phone Joel Frady 15over15
Clara April Rickman
Adam Lamar Adam Lamar
Joel Frady (voice) Jason McRoberts
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Text and Voice Messages is the twenty-fifth video in the Maddison Atkins video series. It is also the twelfth video of chapter two.


Clara: Okay, Adam, if you can hold it right there for me.

Adam: Yeah, I got that. Good. My name doesn't need to be endin' up on some disc that some crazy cannibal camera...

Clara: Shush, okay?

Adam: Fine.

Clara: Alright, strange stuff. I'm beginning to understand how you all believe this is some big conspiracy.

Adam: Clara, just let me drop you off here, seriously. I don't even care about this.

Clara: Shhh. No, okay?

Adam: Fine.

Clara: Alright, I can already hear Zane saying, "Clara, really, go." But I can't, Zane. But me and Adam just got a bite to eat, and I got reception back on my phone. And I received a text message from 15over15, no number, and it says, "Keep the camera on." And I'm doing it. I'm posting videos every thirty seconds. I mean, I don't...

Adam: What you need to do is give me a good reason why I'm gonna stick with you through this. I don't... the story for the paper isn't worth it. I got... I'm not riskin' death. I don't even read the paper, Clara.

Clara: Okay, y'all need to listen to this voice message from Cynthia Frady's cell phone.

Joel Frady (via voicemail): Held my girl. Saw a door. Police listening. White room. The angel put something in me for you. Must confess. In his eyes. De Jesus. Come. My Bethany. Bethany. (fast breathing)

Clara: What does this mean?


  • The voice message left by Joel contains a secret message telling Clara where to meet Joel.