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Clara Stokes
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Thesis Statement Long Overdue.
Character information
Age 37
Date of Birth July 25th, 1984
MySpace amblyopianne
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Portrayed by April Rickman
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Clara Stokes is a character in the Maddison Atkins ARG. She lives in East Texas, where she works at a local Chile's. Her favorite soda is Dr. Pepper.

Clara is a cinematography student at Stephen F. Austin doing a thesis for school. She intended to investigate the effects of Maddison Atkins and Adam Wilmott's deaths on the community, as well as its effects on the online community Maddison had brought together in the weeks before her death.

The description from Clara's first YouTube video called Thesis Statement reads:

"Senior Thesis for BA in Cinematography
Clara Anne Stokes
Stephen F. Austin State University
Dr. William Arscott Advising"

Unfortunately Clara got sucked into a lot more than she ever imagined. A self-described lazy student who hates to read, Clara thought the thesis would be a breeze. It was not due to some of the interesting people along the way who she interviewed. Clara also had truly abysmal interviewing skills causing Mr. Atkins to be very angry with her.

Things became more heated when 15over15 text messaged Clara and Joel Frady left a voicemail on his wife's answering machine. After a run in with a dead Frady, Clara did not know how to cope and spent many nights drunk in chat, talking what seemed to be nonsense.

Clara also met up with Maddisons father again. He seemed glad that Frady was dead and offered to help Clara out with her project financially. Shortly after this, contact is lost with Clara.

A concerned community member, Marla comes down to visit Clara. Clara is still unmotivated at this point to continue the thesis, and she talks with Marla about vivid nightmares she has when she does anything with the thesis.

Months later, Clara did release other videos consisting of old footage, but had not been released by Clara. She then posts a video talking about the storyteller video challenge and her desire to enter the contest. This resulted in the Storyteller video.

Adam Lamar tried to help Clara by giving her another project to work on, a documentary of XO. An interview was done, but it has not been edited by Clara or released to date.

A few months later, while having Coffee with Gregory Atkins, Marla reveals that she hasn't seen Clara for sometime, and that she hasn't been returning her phone calls. She also expresses concern over her mental state, and seems to indicate that Clara was affected by Frady's death more than was previously thought.

Finally, In early April, Marla stakes out outside Clara's house, blasting bad music for hours, coaxing her to come out. Clara comes out and smashes the boom box and goes back inside. Marla follows her in, and Clara gives her all of the information relating to Maddison and the Documentary.


  • Clara used to write poetry when she was younger, but was stopped by her mother who said it was "disturbing" and "not fit for a Christian home"
  • Clara was originally going to graduate in August 2007, but didn't for a variety of reasons. She was possibly going to graduate in December 2007, but this doesn't seem to have come to fruition.

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