A New Lead

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Episode 214/1x214
A New Lead

Yaaaaaaaay barcodes!

Blogger Taylor
Date Posted June 18th, 2007
URL youtube.com
Forum 11542|3=lg15}}
Length 2:02
Description So, Bree's back with The Order. I spent the last couple days looking at the medical sheets that Daniel sent me, and I think I've found something.
Location(s) Taylor's bedroom
YouTube Tags lonelygirl15 bree daniel danielbeast jonas jonastko
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Miles Beckett, Mesh Flinders, and Greg Goodfried
Producer(s) Amanda Goodfried
Production Assistant(s) Ian Schwartz
Director(s) Mesh Flinders
Camera Kevin Schlanser
Vidplay Jan Libby
Story Miles Beckett, Mesh Flinders, Greg Goodfried, Jan Libby, Ross Berger and Jake Coburn
Editor(s) Kevin Schlanser
Animator(s) Ian Schwartz
Music Supervisor Seth Jacobs
Music "Down with Her" by Rocket City Riot [1]
Taylor Becki Kregoski
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A New Lead is the two-hundred fourteenth video in the lonelygirl15 video series.


Taylor: This sucks. After Bree posted that video, the Order picked her up and whisked her away. Daniel, Jonas, and Sarah heard the helicopters. I guess it looks like Bree's going to do the Ceremony. We don't know where or when. All we know is we can't let her go through with it. Look guys, I know she goes on and on about how happy she is when she's with them, but honestly, I don't believe her.

(Taylor turns and faces her right.)

Taylor: I don't want us to lose our focus.

(Taylor turns and faces her left.)

Taylor: (With Southern accent.) We are a team.

(Taylor faces forward.)

Taylor: We must work together to stop Bree before she does the dreaded Ceremony. We must save her. That's what my coach would say. (Taylor looks around.) Wait, I have a better idea.

(A whistle blowing is heard. Musical montage of Taylor cheerleading. Cuts to Taylor sitting, her hair in pigtails, holding pom-poms.)

Taylor: (cheerleading) When you're up, you're up. When you're down, you're down. When you're up with the Order, you're upside down!

(Musical montage of Taylor walking on her hands. Cuts to her leaning in front of the camera.)

Taylor: I can't believe you were a cheerleader, Sarah. Anyways, we have to do something, guys. And I say we start by following all those clues Bree's dad left us in that box. What do we know? We know that Bree's dad was doing something to try to turn her trait negative. Which brings me to (She holds up a sheet of paper.) barcodes.

(Animation showing each bar of a barcode being highlighted.)

Taylor: Okay, first I discovered that there are a trillion different barcodes out there.

(Musical montage of various items being shown with their barcodes highlighted.)

Taylor: The one on our Bree graphs is called a Royal Dutch TPG Post something-something State Barcode.

(Musical montage of a barcode being scanned.)

Taylor: And the results? The barcode gave me a place called the Wyman Foundation in San Diego, California. (Holds up a graph.) Come on you guys, go. I mean, this could be a lead to something. And Sarah, I miss you, sis. Boom-bah!


  • Taylor's goodbye to her sister, "Boom Bah", is a reference to a chant that an audience at a sporting event may shout.
  • The barcodes in the montage were: Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser Mask, William Goldman's book The Princess Bride, Claritin 10mg 24-Hour Tablets, Namaste Laboratories Organic Root Stimulator, Arrowhead Water, Two Trees Lozenges, Taiyo Yuden CDRs, Shrek The Third Original Soundtrack, DK Illustrated Oxford Dictionary, Jay-Z Vol. 2: Hard Knock Life, BlackBerry 8700c cell phone, Chuck Palahniuk's book Survivor, Axe Kilo Body Spray, Apple Cinnamon Cheerios, Silk soy milk, Wolfgang Puck Hearty Lentil & Vegetables Soup, Philadephia Cream Cheese, Kingsford Corn Starch, and Orange Gatorade. This sequence loops three times.
  • The logo of the Wyman Foundation is a lemniscate, like the ones imprinted on the Epogen boxes in the video Undisclosed Location.
  • This video confirms that the helicopters sometimes seen or heard in videos belong to the Order.
  • The title may be a reference to Bree's video A Solid Lead.
  • The Royal TPG Post KIX 4-State Barcode that Taylor mentions is used by Royal Dutch TPG Post (Netherlands) for Postal code and automatic mail sorting. It provides information about the address of the receiver. It encodes alpha-numeric characters (0-9, A-Z). It comprises four types of bars (the four states), each of which has a distinct name, value and barcode symbol. Royal Dutch TPG Post is the primary mail delivery service in the Netherlands, handling some 5 billion items annually. The company also offers mail services elsewhere in Europe. More info on how the barcode is created can be found here.