Going Home

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Episode 213/1x213
Going Home

I'm not brainwashed, honest!

Blogger Bree
Date Posted June 15th, 2007
URL youtube.com
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Length 1:53
Description I've been out here for a few days, I'm tired, this is probably my last chance to use my cell phone...I want to go home. - Bree
Location(s) Near the rented cabin
YouTube Tags lonelygirl15 bree daniel danielbeast jonas jonastko
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Miles Beckett, Mesh Flinders, and Greg Goodfried
Producer(s) Amanda Goodfried
Production Assistant(s) Ian Schwartz
Director(s) Mesh Flinders
Camera Kevin Schlanser
Vidplay Jan Libby
Story Miles Beckett, Mesh Flinders, Greg Goodfried, Jan Libby, Ross Berger and Jake Coburn
Editor(s) Kevin Schlanser
Bree Jessica Lee Rose
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Going Home is the two-hundred thirteenth video in the lonelygirl15 video series.


(Camera pans through some boulders.)

Bree: (crying) I'm lost. I'm lost! Does any of this look familiar to anybody? (She sniffles.) Someone please come get me. I didn't think I'd last this long out here all by myself. I've had a ton of time to think. I've done nothing but think. I've thought about my mom and my dad and my friends and I can't, I can't take it anymore! I want out. I'm sick of running. I know that you will all say that I'm brainwashed, but... I'm not. I know what I want in my life and I, I want the Hymn of One. I do. I trust my brothers and sisters, and Jonas, Daniel, you won't listen to me anymore. You don't trust me either and I can't trust you. What kind of friendship is that? Just go, go on, move on with your lives, have lives, have fun, be happy, know that I am happy! Forever. I'm almost out of my supply of PowerBars and my cell phone's about to die. So someone, someone from the Hymn of One, come get me.


  • Daniel's suspicion that the PowerBar trail was left by Bree was confirmed correct in this video.
  • It is possible that this is the one call that Taylor triangulated for Jonas, mentioned in Mr. Park Ranger and Jonas's email in the LG Forum.
  • Around this time, Bree left a delayed message to Daniel, which explains why she says she's not brainwashed, and why she wants them to let her go. This message is revealed in the final video of season 1.