About Last Night

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Episode 30/1x030
About Last Night

I think I may have misread things.

Blogger Rachel
Date Posted January 31st, 2008
URL youtube.com
Length 1:41
Description Ever have one of those nights that turns out differently than you expected it to?
YouTube Tags redearth redearth88 rachel maddisonatkins lonelygirl15 bree danielbeast alyzarin tachyon opaphid 10033 milo eric
Rachel Sara E. R. Fletcher
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About Last Night is the thirtieth video in the Redearth88 video series. It serves as the series finale, as after this episode Redearth88 went on hiatus in order to seek funding and never resumed production.


Rachel: So, about that non-incident with Aly a few days ago... I think I may have misread things. Last night I asked Aly if she would go out to dinner with me as a way of apologizing for my awkwardness the past few days. And, I also wanted to talk about this major revelation of mine in progress. So, I suggested this Albanian restaurant, and Aly said we couldn't go there because 1) last week, she hooked up with this guy named Milo who worked at the bar, and 2) she said it was too much of a chick place. So instead, Aly suggested the steakhouse up the street, where there's this dashing waiter named Eric that she totally wants to get on. Yeah. That kinda took me off guard. I spent the whole evening feeling really stupid for misreading Aly's interests. This point was further underscored by Aly staying at the restaurant until Eric got off work and me walking home alone. Compared to me, I guess Aly has those aspects of herself pretty much figured out at this point.

(Image of a red vial labeled redearth88 and a voice saying, "Redearth, the universe is wider than our views of it.")


  • This video still does not give a solid answer on Aly/Tachyon's sexual orientation. If she is a lesbian, the story about hooking up with another waiter is false and "Eric" is indeed Brother. However, the theory of Tachyon's possible heterosexuality could still allow for Brother's possible guise. Tachyon, however, revealed in previous private messages to fans months before that she was not a lesbian.