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Aly Zarin
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Opportunity Crisis! About Last Night
Character information
Age Early 20s
Place of Origin En USA.gif United States
YouTube Tachyon
Revver tachyon
Portrayed by Tachyon

Aly Zarin is a professional photographer whose bag Rachel grabbed by mistake at the luggage claim after her flight to Southern California from Nacogdoches, where she was staying with her grandfather. Apparantly Aly is a very busy person, as Rachel was playing phone tag with her in an attempt to get her luggage back. Based on her name, Rachel says that she "sounds like a Russian heiress or something" (Opportunity Crisis!). On December 11th, 2007, Tachyon released a video confirming that she was undercover as Aly Zarin to keep an eye on Rachel.

Aly and Rachel seem to get along well as roommates, and Rachel even suggested that Aly compile a wiki to teach everyone else how to get along with her. Aly is into "girly stuff" like clothes and make-up. She has an extensive wardrobe, which took a while to unpack when she first moved in.

On January 10th, 2008, Rachel released a new video, telling how Aly helped Rachel get ready for a fancy dinner party. Rachel claimed that when she was changing her clothes, Aly was staring at her, inappropriately. According to this new information, some thought Aly may have been interested in women, however, this thought was reversed in Rachel's next vlog, in which she discussed why she reacted so harshly and questioned her own sexuality. A few days later, Rachel discussed her revelations that Aly is not gay and her embarrassment that she had jumped to that conclusion. She describes how Aly had rejected her choice of a restaurant because it was "too much of a chick place" and how she went home with a waiter named Eric.

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