adamlamarTV - episode 4

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Episode ADA5
adamlamarTV - episode 4

I'm baaaccckkk!

Blogger Adam Lamar
Date Posted November 2nd, 2007
Length 0:00
Description I didn't really have time to do this, but I know it's been a hot minute since i posted anything.....
YouTube Tags adam lamar clara stokes SFA SFASU marla singer maddison atkins maddisonatkins bmak chehade xo mixtape redearth88 halo3
Adam Lamar Adam Lamar
Marla Maya Kramer
Brian Brian "B-Mac" Christopher
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adamlamarTV - episode 4 is the fifth video in the adamlamar video series, a component of the Maddison Atkins video series.


(Black Screen: Music is heard. Adam appears, his attention focused off camera on a video game. Behind him is a woman who's head is out of the camera's area.)

Adam: Hey what's up. Welcome to Adam Lamar TV. Sorry I haven't been making videos in a while but I've been real busy. (pause) ??? These dudes got these jet packs. I'm editor of the paper, I'm trying to graduate and move to Vegas. Oh I just shot Brian in the face!

Brian: (Off Camera) Yeah, I shot you in the face too.

Adam: Sweet, was that to get even with me dude. That's kinda uncalled for 'cause like, if I shoot you in the face by accident that's one thing, but if you turn around and intentionally shoot me in the face that's Betrayal.

Brian: (Off Camera) Man, I feel like (Unintelligible Mumbling)

Adam: Oh... Shotgun! Die! (Woman stands up and scratches her butt, Adam drinks a bottle of beer). Yeah, you know, Yah, you know how we do. We do big things, we got big things popping everything's going, there's some huge stuff happening. I can't even- Hold on. (Answers Cell Phone on headset). Yeah, what's up? Yeah, hey, I need a favor. No, I don't care, I need a favor. I need you to come over. Bring your camera. I don't- look, I've got, I've got all kind- I got red stripe, I've got all kinds of stuff to drink. Come over. You're coming over. Bye. {Hangs Up). And by the way, guess who's back, in Nac, drinking up all my Jack. Go and get in frame girl. (Woman leans over, her face coming on frame revealing her to be Marla) Alright, now go on and get out of my frame. (Marla sits up). My Show. (Adam is shown concentrating on his video game intensely). Adam Lamar TV: y'all know what I'm about. (Holds up game controller). I'm about to take you millionaire style on mix-tape ??? bitch.

Marla: (leaning back in frame) XO! (Everyone laughs.)

Adam: (laughing) That's funny, that's funny.

(Fade Out into "Made You Look Productions" Logo).