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Episode 40/3x004

Rest in Peace, Maddy.

Blogger Clara Stokes
Date Posted November 8th, 2007
Length 5:00
Description I've been documenting the effect that the brutal murders of Maddison Atkins and Adam Wilmott had on their community.

It seems to me that the story isn't quite over because every time I look closer at the details, mysterious events keep happening.

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Maddison Faye Austin
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Mike Mike Frankson
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Storyteller is the fortieth video in the Maddison Atkins video series. It is also the fourth video of chapter three. A shorter version (3:43) without footage from the video "No More" was uploaded to the maddisonatkins as Tribute on November 27, 2007.


(Music Starts: GregGallows, ?, AcidFingers, Kellylen, Perky turn on thier cameras)

Marla Singer: I knew Maddison.

GiddeanX: I knew Maddison.

Kevin: I knew Maddison.

Ziola: I knew Maddison.

?: I knew Maddison.

?: I knew Maddison.

?: I knew Maddison.

Brooklynxman: Yeah, I knew Maddison.

Canadasbaby: I knew Maddison...I met her online.

(Clip from What Happened Today Part 1)

Maddison: Are you filming?

Adam: No, I was just... checking out some features.

Maddison: Stop wasting tape!

Adam: (Sarcastically) Hah. Wasting tape.

(Clip from What Happened Today Part 2)

Maddison: This has been Maddison Atkins reporting to you from the azalea trail in Nacogdoches. (Smiles) Back to you Bob. No? Too much? Okay (Giggles)

(Cut to discovery of pigeon)

Adam: You have any crackers and bread?

(Cut to opening of the first note)

Maddison: It has my name on it.

(Cuts back to player videos)

Giddeanx: She was like a sister.

phipunk: She had this incredible spark in her.

GregGallows: She was innocent and kind.

Kevin: and she was refreshing.

Hallows: young, sweet and innocent.

Ziola: She had this aura about her.

?: She was just an average girl.

?: Real.

?: She was very brave.

?: A fire cracker.

Marla Singer: Tragically Famous.

?: and funny.

Aja: She was the shit.

Perky: She was perky.

AcidFingers: She was so young.

micfranxon: She was the kind of person who would go out of her way to help someone.

Brooklynxman: She was unique.

Kellylen: She was smart.

CanadasBaby: just like us.

?: She was so friendly.

LimePeng1: A good person.

Julie: She was everyone's friend.

(Clip of Maddison plays while audio continues. Clips from A little help from Whiskey and Summary (April 20th))

Unknown: She was funny, she was excentric.

?: She was amazing.

(On Screen)

Maddison: There is something in this note.

(Off Screen)

?: She was charismatic.

SonofaStitch_PJ: She was so compelling.

Milowent: She was out of my league.

(On Screen)

(Adam reads.)

Maddison: Show off.

(Off Screen)

Virginian9000: She was full of life.

Virginian9000's wife: She had a big heart.

Elixir: Dedicated, caring.

?: innocent.

ApotheosisAZ: She was in way over her head.

(Maddison clip finishes)

(On screen)

?: I tried to help her...

Kevin: I tried to help her...

?: and I tried to help...

Ziola: I tried my best to help her...

?: but...

?: I couldn't...

Brooklynxman: I couldn't...

Marla Singer: I couldn't...

?: I miss her.

GiddeanX: I miss her.

Kevin: I miss her.

Ziola: and I miss her.

?: I miss her.

Aja: I miss her, so much.

CanadasBaby: I miss her.

?: I miss her.

MarlaSinger: I miss her.

(Clip of Maddison plays while audio continues)

(Off Screen)

?: I miss her.

?: I miss her.

ApotheosisAZ: I miss her.

?: I miss her.

?: I miss her.

?: I miss her.

Virginian9000: I really miss her.

Elixir: I miss her.

?: I miss her, alot.

(Clip ends)

(On screen)

Julie: But maybe there is something I can do now, to help her.

Acidfingers: Maybe there is something I could do now.

Perky: too help her.

phipunk: I wish I could help her.

GregGallows: to help her.

?: to help her.

Julie: to avenge her death.

Marla Singer: If you can help.

GregGallows: If you can help.

Kellylen: If you can help.

AcidFingers: If you can help.

Aja: If you can help.

Kevin: If you can help.

micfranxon: If you can help.

Canadasbaby: If you can help.

?: If you can help.

Julie: If you can help.

Ziola: If you can, help.

(Footage from No More plays)

Adam: That was a long drive.

Maddison: Yeah, it was.

(Adam gets out of the car, Maddison -- still holding the camera -- gets out of the car as well, and places the camera on the roof of the car while she closes the car door. The view from the camera shows a trailer or a single-story house. The front door is open)

Maddison: Oh, I know. Do you have the keys?

Adam: (off-camera) Yes ma'am.

(Maddison closes the car door and walks off towards the right of the camera. After a few seconds, we see Adam enter from the right of the camera with a small black sports bag)

Maddison: (off-camera) Got it?

Adam: Yup. (holds hands out indicating the area) This is Uncle Joe's! (sound of car door or trunk closing)

(A man enters from the front door with his hands behind his back.)

Maddison: (still off-camera) Hey!

(The man, still standing in front of the doorway to the house, puts his right hand next to his side. He is holding a gun. Adam drops his bag and starts running back to the right of the camera)

Adam: Maddison, run!

(The man aims the gun and shoots. Someone -- possibly Maddison -- screams)

Maddison: Adam!

(The man walks toward the camera and aims towards the ground off to the right of the camera. He shoots again, twice. Maddison screams. The man walks off-camera to the right. Maddison then enters the camera's view, running on from the left of the camera and then off to the right. The man appears from the left of the camera, stops right in the center of view, aims, and shoots. He walks off to the right of the camera. We hear two more gunshots.)

(Image of a red vial labeled redearth88 and a voice saying, "Amblyopianne, the universe is wider than our views of it.")


  • This video was submitted to myspace as an entry in their Storyteller competition.
  • When posted on YouTube, the film of Maddison and Adam's murders were removed and replaced with more people.