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Andrew Strouthos
LG15: The Last: Creator, producer, writer, director, director of photography, editor
Portrays Xavier
Background information
Age 34
Birthday October 26th, 1987
Facebook Andrew Strouthos

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Andrew “Stru” Strouthos is the actor who plays the role of Xavier Weave in the LG15: The Last web series, in addition to being one of the original four Creators of the series. He is also a Creator, director, writer, editor, director of photography and music, and a production manager for the series.

From the very first time he was able to climb onto a piano stool Andrew has followed his passion for performance – both musical and dramatic. He wrote his first piano composition at age 4, represented NSW at the National Yamaha Junior Original Composition Competition at age 10 and studied with Richard Gill, one of Australia ’ s pre-eminent and most admired conductors. Upon completion of Year 12 at Barker College he won a Scholarship to study composition at the prestigious Conservatorium of Music, Sydney. He studied voice and piano under some of the most acclaimed music teachers in Australia and discovered his passion, film-making, which provides him with an excellent outlet for his love of drama, music (he writes many of the soundtracks for his videos) and his passion for creating beautiful visual stories.

Andrew studied drama under actor and director Damien Ryan of Bell Shakespeare, Australia’s premier National Shakespearian Theatre Company and his credits include Drama Group Performance, Project film and Music solo piano performance nominations for the school-graduates state showcase, OnStage/Encore as well as various other Eisteddfod and national competition finalist places in all his disciplines. He has directed and acted in many short films, stage plays and musicals and last year performed his original music live in Damien Ryan’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream as well as co-directed a prologue/epilogue short film to bookend the stage play.

He is now in his final year of Communications majoring in Media Arts and Production at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Andrew recruited graphic artist Dom O’Connell as Production Designer for LG15: The Last. They have been friends since year 5 at Barker College. He also recruited another Barker friend and film-making colleague, Tom Judd, into The Last team. He met Samantha Carr in Year 10 Drama when they performed together as Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, through whom he met Catherine Williams and Emily Robinson. They have been friends ever since and together drew upon their group of extremely talented friends to create LG15: The Last.

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