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Dominic O'Connell
LG15: The Last: Assistant director, production designer, visual effects, web designer
Background information
Age Unknown
Facebook Dom O'Connell

Videos with visual effects by Dominic O'Connell
Videos with Dominic O'Connell as assistant director

Dominic "Dom" O'Connell does production design, visual effects, and web design for the LG15: The Last web series. He has spent his life in the pursuit of creating beautiful visuals whether they be still or in motion. His primary passion is illustration and painting and he loves integrating these elements in his designs. Dom also has a long running passion for film and television, both for creating and viewing them.

Dom recently graduated from Billy Blue college of design in North Sydney with a Bachelor of Design (multimedia design) which boosted his passion for motion graphics and effects for film. During his degree, Dom worked on many independent short films honing his post production skills in programs like Final Cut pro and Adobe After Effects. The Last has given Dom an opportunity to work on something other than web sites and freelance graphic design.

Dom has been friends with the crew and cast, including director Andrew Strouthos for a long time and was pleased to help out where his immense skill was needed.

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