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Jessica Shipley
Portrays Leigh
Background information
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Jessica Shipley filmography

Jessica Shipley is the actress who portrays Leigh Taylor in the LG15: The Last webseries. She was born in Sydney, Australia on March 20th, 1990. She has an Australian mother and father.

Jessica first experienced life on the stage at just 18 months as she played a role with her mother in a local musical. From there Jessica went on to playing various roles throughout her childhood and adolescence in musicals and on stage performances. When Jessica reached high school she enrolled in drama class and followed that through until her 5th year high school. During this time Jessica also attended several acting classes and signed up with various casting agencies to try out modeling but later realized that her true passion was acting.

After graduating from high school Jessica worked in various roles in an attempt to discover which roles she like best. Just four days after graduating Jessica began working for a cruise company called ‘Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises’ and after working there she worked in various temping roles for a variety of agencies and then settled at a French skincare company called ‘Thalgo’ where she worked for several months.

Jessica has many passions and ambitions. She is most passionate about animals and one of her future ambitions is working with people to fight against animal cruelty. Jessica’s second biggest passion is traveling. Although she has not yet left Australia, she is very excited about traveling overseas and the countries she is most interested in visiting are America and England. Jessica also loves Australia and enjoys taking trips to visit new places throughout her country.

Jessica met the directors of LG15: The Last through Emily Robinson as Emily and Jessica’s older sister grew up together, and Jessica attended her junior schooling with Emily. Emily knew the character of Leigh was well suited to Jessica and knowing Jessica had an interest and experience in acting, Emily approached her with the character and the rest was history!

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