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LifesBlood Labs LLC
Lifesblood Labs logo.
Slogan The rest of your life begins now.
Affiliation LG15: The Resistance
Type Corporate
Launched Unknown
Current Status Extinct

LifesBlood Labs LLC is a pharmaceutical company that had once been part of Verdus Pharmaceuticals as an "experimental" sub-division of its research and development department. Verdus currently has a lawsuit pending against the company claiming copyright infringement and corporate espionage.


The company recently announced via their website a new experimental drug, Hetlevan, which can replicate white blood cells at an alarming rate, and purportedly is able to cure a myriad of ailments from the common cold to cancer. It was revealed by the Hymn of None that LifesBlood Labs was in actuality using a device that they have called the Strandbox on trait positive individuals. It has been speculated that the reason for this was to create the Hetlevan drug that they have promised to release for public use.

The Website

New logo introduced around 2010.

The LifesBlood Labs website features press announcements and corporate information published by the company. All information released on the website is documented here. The website was easily determined as official, as there are links to EQAL terms and conditions and privacy statements.

The website is currently registered until 2010, but contains no content.


Dr. Leonard J. Alderman is the director of medical research here at LifesBlood Labs. Though raised in the United States, he completed his undergraduate studies at Oxford, consequently earning his masters in the field of gene therapy from the King’s College London school of medicine. He graduated summa cum laude from the program in 1988. Dr. Alderman’s first work began as an associate doctor for a group office in Boston, Massachusetts, where he specialized in immunotherapy technique. He spent the following two years as a senior associate doctor at Preferred Pediatric, in upstate New York, primarily in experimental family care. Dr. Alderman recently moved to Los Angeles to continue his groundbreaking research on the behalf of LifesBlood Labs. His mission is to serve his patients to the best of his ability with unprecedented technique – technique that will hopefully better the natural quality of life for all peoples.

Dr. Alderman is currently seeking an experienced and fearless staff of physicians to aid him in his research. While many positions at LifesBlood have been recently filled, there are still several openings. If you would like to be considered for this unique opportunity, please register.

Press Releases

August 1st. 2008 - Los Angeles, CA

LifesBlood Labs Press Release said:
LifesBlood LLC is proud to announce the brand new LifesBlood Labs initiative. Consisting of some of the greatest medical, scientific, and business minds in all of the world, LBL's chief mission will be the development of exciting new technologies and medicinal treatments for the advancement and survival of mankind.

CEO and Founder of LifesBlood, LLC, Dr. Leonard J. Alderman, has been tapped as Director of Medical Research for LifesBlood Labs, and has already promised several breakthroughs in the fields of phlebotomy and regenerative medicine.

Dr. Alderman was proud to announce. "We've managed to draw some of the top most talent from several of the larger firms, and, our "Open Idea" interactvity between departments has already led to same landmark discoveries, which we will be sharing with the world over the coming weeks."

While still in the process of patent and FDA approval, Alderman guarantees that what they've created will be available for public consumption in the near future. "It would be wrong of us to keep these amazing things from those who need them most. We hope to roll out the technologies before the end of 2009."

This marks a change in tactics for the business power house, LifesBlood, LLC, which has remained a closed, private company, choosing to develop products internally, as a clearing house for other corporations, most notably Verdus Pharmaceuticals. "Our relationship with Verdus has been quite fruitful over the years, but, it became clear that our goals had rapidly divurged. We wish Verdus and it's various affiliations nothing but continued success.


LifesBlood, LLC was formed in 2002 by Dr. Leonard J. Alderman and Ted McKinley, who is the Vice President of Biotherapeutics at Verdus Pharmaceuticals. Alderman bought a majority stake in the company in 2007, parting ways with Verdus and their parent corporation to pursue a new line of inquiry in early 2008. LifesBlood Labs marks Alderman's return to the forefront of scientific research and discovery.


The web site has a page where visitors can sign up to become a paid research subject. The form itself asks for standard contact information, as well as targeted questions, such as whether the individual or anyone related to them has ever been diagnosed as trait positive.

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