Mom and Dad

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Mom and Dad
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Mom and Dad are the aliases Tachyon uses when naming her superiors in "The Culper Ring" that is the organization she works for. She mentions them a few times in her videos, at one point passing a message along through Brother while undercover in OpAPHID. She claims to have "lost" her "cell phone" and apologizes for any "strange calls" they might have received as a result. She later complains to Brother that Mom and Dad have not fully explained her mission to her, and has become impatient waiting around in OpAphid's reach. She asks if she's been cut off from the information flow, and states that she has been unable to make sense of what she has found because of that. She pleads with Brother to get into contact with her and let her know what is going on.

They are assumed to have contacted her with clear instructions, as Tachyon goes on to steal information from the headquarters and abandon the nonessentials in a nearby park.

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