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Character information
Age Unknown
Trait Positive
Place of Origin En AU.gif Australia
Portrayed by Unknown

Chloe Murray is a trait positive girl from Perth. She was mentioned by Chasina in her first video. It was later revealed in a phone conversation between Jayde and her mother that Chloe was dead, leaving only four trait positive girls in Australia. After reading Chloe's obituary in a local newspaper (which blamed the death on a drug overdose), Chas is frightened about her death, and is convinced that the Order was responsible.

However, months later, Jayde tells the Elder that Chloe had faked her death and is still in hiding, and that only she knows where she is. However, under the threat of her mother's life, Jayde reveals that she actually has no idea where Chloe is. After Leigh's ceremony, Xavier revealed in chat that he had located Chloe in Wittenoom, a ghost town in Western Australia that was shut down in 1966 due to health concerns from asbestos mining at the nearby Wittenoom Gorge. Xavier further revealed that he was slowly gaining her trust.

However, Sibylla called Xavier back to Sidney for an extended period of time. Upon checking back in on Chloe, Sibylla discovered that she had moved to another unknown location. She blames Xavier for the failure, but she doesn't tell him right away exactly what he did wrong.

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