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Surveillance Guys
First Appearance Last Appearance
If You're Out There Only a life lived for others is worth living
Character information
Age Unknown
Place of Origin En AU.gif Australia
Portrayed by Robert Robinson
Ben Werner

Videos with Surveillance Guys

The Surveillance Guys are two members of the Order who monitor the activities of the last four trait positive girls in Australia. They are neither Watchers nor Shadows, and have been identified as sharing qualities more similar to those of Seekers.

They make their first appearance watching security footage of a fellow Order Agent in America interrogating Jonas Wharton, who supposedly helped them obtain information on the locations of the last five trait positive girls in Australia, though they comment on the lack of the agent's progress. Later, they watch the security footage from the hospital as Hera's Shadow fails to capture Chas and Jayde. Later, after Leigh Taylor is persuaded to join the group, they, along with Hera, order others to begin setting up surveillance at The Island Hideout. Later, after the group is driven towards the Island, they comment on their success in getting them into a environment where they can watch their every move.

Later, The Surveillance Guys are seen prepping the footage of Leigh's biological parents being tortured by Sibylla and Xavier. A few days later, they attend a meeting lead by Hera and her Shadow and attended by Mitch, Sibylla, and Xavier. There, they are silenced by Hera after they begin congratulating themselves for a job well done a little bit too much, and in the process they reveal that the blueprints are intended to lead the girls straight to them. However, the plan begins to backfire as Leigh discovers that her insulin injections are actually Epogen. Panicking, they take part in a raid on their campsite, and successfully capture Leigh and Antonia Moore.

A few days after, they encounter Jayde outside of the Order Headquarters and she demands that she be taken to see Hera, as she has information on the whereabouts of Chas and Chloe. They watch in silence as Jayde meets with Hera, then they escort her off of the property. However, the plan backfires, and they once again watch in silence as Deacon Cooper is murdered in front of them. The next day, they are on the grounds when, during Leigh's ceremony, Mitch stabs Antonia. In the ensuing chaos, Hera calls them in, and they accidentally leave the door to the grounds open, allowing Chas and Bray to escape in the aftermath. Angry, Hera sends them to get them back, but they are unsuccessful in their pursuit.

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