Mrs. Cooper

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Mrs. Cooper
First Appearance Last Appearance
Paranoid Past‎ Backfire
Character information
Age Unknown (Deceased)
Place of Origin En AU.gif Australia
Portrayed by Vincenza Robinson

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Mrs. Cooper (Often referred to as Deacon Cooper) is the mother of Jayde. She is a Deacon in the Hymn of One. She is aware of her daughter's trait positive status, and has been protecting her from those who've wanted to kill her for her blood. Recently, she was diagnosed with lymphoma, and is residing at the Friendly Society Private Hospital. The Order recorded a phone conversation between her and her daughter, which revealed that Chloe Murray was dead. A week later, the Order attempted to lure Jayde out of hiding by sending her a letter concerning her mothers declining health and fabricating an appointment with a Cancer Specialist. However, Chas is able to intercept Jayde before she is captured by a Shadow.

After Leigh and Toni are kidnapped by the Order, Jayde returns to Sydney and arranges a meeting with her mother in a local park. There, she promises her mother that she will end all of the running and hiding. She makes a deal with the Elder Hera to hand over Chloe Murray, who had actually faked her own death to hide from the Order. However, when she failed to bring her to them, Hera's Shadow threatened Mrs. Cooper and Jayde revealed that she had no idea where Chloe was. As punishment, Mrs. Cooper was shot point blank and killed. Her body is left in the Order Piano Room while guards take away Jayde and Chas.

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