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List of Paulmark18 videos

Paulmark18 is the YouTube handle of a duo who have made several videos as Daniel's friends Paul and Andrea. They turned up shortly after being mentioned in the video House Arrest (Sept. 10, 2006).

Cast of Characters

Paul: Daniel's best friend who befriends Bree at a party. He and his girlfriend, Andrea, dispel advice to Bree and Daniel in their videos as well as practicing Bree's goofy antics long after she has stopped and begun focusing on the Order. Paul shares many similarities to Bree, including a love of science and an interest in socializing with others. Many of his monologues also involve an anecdote about something he and Daniel did when they were younger.

Andrea: Paul's girlfriend who assists Paul in making several of his videos. However, her personality is similar to that of Daniel's in that she can become disinterested in what hyer other half of the doing is doing, content with reading a magazine. However, Andrea begins exerting more of an effort, and is the only one who forsees (correctly) that the Order is not done with Bree. As of late, she has appeared in fewer videos, suggesting that she and Paul may have drifted apart.

Jess: A friend of Paul and Andrea's who volunteers to go undercover at a Hymn of One recruitment seminar, as the Order is aware of who Paul and Andrea are. Jess was asked to sing for the Hymn, and was videotaped singing I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston. At the end of the video, she is rejected and runs off the stage crying. She sends the footage to Paul, in hopes that it could be used against the Order.


Their first video spoofed the LG15 series, in particular the Proving Science Wrong videos.

In it, Paul explains the Baader-Meinhoff phenomenon, and chalks many of the coincidences of the lonelygirl15 video series to the phenomenon. The Baader-Meinhoff phenomenon is not actually a scientific theory, but an internet meme itself, coming from a discussion that developed on the St. Paul Pioneer Press message board.

In the video, which is supposedly edited by Daniel, Paul is excited about the video, while Andrea reads magazines in boredom on the bed (a spoof of Bree's video The Danielbeast where Daniel is the one reading a magazine on the bed and ignoring Bree). Paul also claims to have borrowed Purple Monkey for use in the video, and indeed a P. Monkey puppet does appear.

In Paul and Andrea's second video they hold a competition with P. Monkey to see who can find the best mythical creature. Spoiler Alert: P. Monkey wins (well, according to Andrea).

A third video came at a time shortly after Bree told her parents she didn't feel comfortable going through with the ceremony, after which to her everything seemed to be getting back to normal. Paul and Andrea replied with a video in which Andrea worried that the cult might be after them too for being friends of Daniel. She was not convinced that everything was just going to go back to normal, and sure enough soon after their video Bree reported that the cult had not accepted her resignation, followed soon after by the kidnapping of her parents.

Fanfic or canon, and for how long?

Paul & Andrea is believed to be fan fiction, though that has never been directly verified. The production value of these episodes is clearly not the same as typical canon videos, though some have suggested that could be intentional to help portray Paul and Andrea as typical people making their own videos without the help of special tools. If fan fic, The Creators have long said they are interested in incorporating fan videos into the storyline. Paul & Andrea have been referenced directly twice:

Seeing as the time between the first canon reference and the second is nearly a year, the degree of The Creators involvement with this series and for how long is unknown.



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