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Episode 22/1x022

Oh dear.

Blogger Sibylla
Date Posted April 21st, 2009
Forum forum discussion
Length 3:24
Description How rude of me to not introduce myself until now...
Location(s) The Order Control Room, Pymble Pub, The Interrogation Room, The Island Hideout, The Beach House, The Gold Coast
YouTube Tags LG15 lonelygirl15 The Last order hymn of one trait positive Sibylla Jayde Bray Chas Toni Mitch Leigh Confessions
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) EQAL
Producer(s) Samantha Carr, Emily Rose Robinson, Andrew Strouthos, and Catherine Williams
Director(s) Andrew Strouthos
Director of Photography Andrew Strouthos
Visual Effects by Dominic O'Connell
Story Samantha Carr, Emily Rose Robinson, Andrew Strouthos, and Catherine Williams
Editor(s) Andrew Strouthos
Music "Ambient Darkness Slaying" by Sean Beson
"Chopin's Raindrop Prelude" by Berrycomposer
Sibylla Unknown
Surveillance Guy Robert Robinson
Surveillance Guy Ben Werner
Hera Gai Strouthos
Chasina's Watcher Unknown
Jonas Colin Tuft
Order Woman Alysha McCarthy
Chasina Catherine Williams
Leigh Jessica Shipley
Antonia Samantha Carr
Bray James Olds
Mitch Tom Mesker
Jayde Emily Rose Robinson
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Confessions is the twenty-second video in the LG15: The Last video series.


(Eerie music is playing, and the camera is gradually zooming into the screen of a laptop. On the laptop, shots of Sibylla, an Elder, the Order Members, and the Order Woman are seen. Sibylla's tattoo is zoomed in on.)

Sibylla: How rude of me not to introduce myself until now. My name is Sibylla. You've met me before. "Do not fail." But may not have realized. No doubt you've observed my handiwork. I thought it was time to show you what the Order was capable of. So, want to know what's been happening inside the house?

(Clips of the gang appear on the laptop screen. Clips of Sibylla flash occasionally.)

Sibylla: I've disabled Chas, Leigh, Antonia, Bray, Mitch, and Jayde's accounts. They're no longer contactable. Just remember, it's not a question of someone watching you, it's a matter of their intentions.

(Static effect to Antonia next to a bed.)

Antonia: Hey. I'm finding it really hard to keep the peace between everyone at the moment. Why can't we all just get along?! I'm upset that Jayde hates me because of what happened with Bray. But I really like him. He's honest, trustworthy, and has this quality about him that I really like. Ugh, I just don't know what to do. Ugh! And Chas, Chas is upset with me because she thinks I'm trying to steal Mitch! I just think Mitch needs a friend at the moment because Bray is the only other guy in the house and he's hostile towards him. I also don't know what's happening between Jayde and Bray. Can anyone tell me?

Bray: (from the hallway) Hey Toni!

(Toni gets up to see Bray coming in the room. He is also filming, and the camera switches back and forth between Toni's point of view and Bray's point of view.)

Bray: Sorry, I didn't realize...

Toni: Oh. That's okay. I was just finishing. I want you to stay.

(Bray sits down next to Toni.)

Bray: Well, I don't think that we should avoid what happened the other day any longer.

Toni: There's nothing to talk about. It happened. I'm sorry to cause conflict between you and Jayde.

Bray: No, no, no, no, it's alright, we're fine. I just want you to know that you shouldn't feel pressured, okay?

Toni: Thanks. That's really sweet. It wasn't too much pressure. I was just worried to where it could've gone. Because, well, with my religion, I haven't... y'know... and, I thought that with a guy like you...

Bray: Oh, Toni. Look, I respect you. And I want you to know that there's no pressure, okay?

Toni: Thanks. But maybe we shouldn't act on anything at the moment. Until we know.

Bray: I don't know what I want right now, but I do know that I don't want to hurt you.

(As Toni closes her camera, the footage continues to appear on a computer monitor at the Order control room. Other monitors reveal that Jayde and Leigh are sitting on yellow chairs at that moment, and Chas is in her room cleaning.)

Bray: I just think you're a really sweet girl.

Toni: I just... I'm so confused, I don't know what I want.

(Bray leans in and kisses Toni. Cut to two Order Members in front of the monitors.)

Order Member 1: We've got them right where we want them. We can see all.

Order Member 2: Yes. The Chase led them right into our trap.

Order Member 1: There are only a few more injections to go before the ceremony can begin.