Creepy Van Man!

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Episode 13/1x013
Creepy Van Man!

I am from Canada!

Blogger Reed
Date Posted September 30th, 2008
Forum forum discussion
Length 1:37
Description Am I alone here?
Location(s) Reed's loft, Chicago
YouTube Tags amateur bad blood chapter cult decision extreme fun jonas lg15 lifesblood lonelygirl15 order resistance sarah voxtrot creepy van
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Miles Beckett, Greg Goodfried, and Amanda Goodfried
Line Producer Lynn Kramer
Production Assistant(s) Andrea Aguilar and Travis Prow
Director(s) Yusuf Pirhasan
Assistant Director(s) Ram Paul Silbey
Camera Kevin Schlanser
Head Writer Joshua Hale Fialkov
Vidplay Joshua Hale Fialkov and Jim Campolongo
Story Joshua Hale Fialkov and Miles Beckett
Editor(s) Jerry Pyle, Yusuf Pirhasan, James Renfroe, and Christopher Ryder
Music Supervisor Seth Jacobs
Music "The Shocker" by Warner Drive
Reed Brett Ryback
LifesBlood Labs employee David Thorrud
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Creepy Van Man! is the thirteenth blog in the LG15: The Resistance blog series. This video marks the first Reed-created video that is officially part of the series.


Reed: All right, this is serious despite the crazy graphic logo at the beginning. Just ignore that. I was shooting some more Reed Rules videos. Go to to see more. Well, look.

(Cut to Reed's footage)

Reed: This is Reed. I'm in the field. I'm in action. (Voiceover) This looks like yet another (cut back to Reed in his apartment) hilarious and insanely insightful video made by yours truly, right? Wrong! (Cut back to footage) I mean, it is insanely insightful but there's something else going on here. Okay. This van. (Circles a LifesBlood Labs van in the shot) See it? Look. (Zooms into the van) (Cut to another set of footage) Okay, this video was shot the next day and look1 Right there. (Circles the van coming into the shot) Same van. (Cut back to Reed) Creepy child molester van surfaces again. (Cut to another set of footage) Different day. (Circles the van, the logo, and a man getting out of the van) Same van! I m- I mean the guy's not even trying, right? (Cut to another set of footage. The man getting out of the van is circled) No, this guy- this is the same guy that grabbed Jonas on Wednesday, right? (Cut back to Reed) All right, t- this can't be a coincidence! I mean nothing bad has happened to me. Not yet. Has anyone else seen this van? Has anyone else been followed? I mean, I- I wanna know if I'm on the crazy train by myself here. I'm gonna need some help. So I figured if I'm not just going to be trapped inside like some frightened child, I'm gonna need some disguises. I came up with a few options. Maybe you guys can figure out which one's best. I'll put a poll up with the video. Here's option one. (Cut to Reed with a blue bucket on his head) Eh? Bucket? Vaguely reminiscent of that guitar playing dude. Option number two. (Cut to Reed in a furry winter hat) I am from Canada. This next one is my favorite. Hold on one second. (Cut to Reed in a cardboard robot costume) What, is it too South Park-y, do you think? I am not Reed. I am a robot. So, anybody have any ideas for me about what to do, uh, or wear? Write me message at Peace out.