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"Creepy Van Man" redirects here. For the video, see Creepy Van Man!.
LifesBlood Labs employee
First Appearance Last Appearance
Chapter 1: A Call to Arms Day of Atonement - 12/12/08
Character information
Age Unknown
Portrayed by Mark Hengst, James Casey, Ram Paul Silbey, Lance Wesley, David Thorrud, Logan Rapp, Colin Hoffmeister, Travis Prow

Videos with LifesBlood Labs employee

LifesBlood Labs employees are seen patrolling the halls and acting as security guards inside the LifesBlood Labs facility. Later, one of the employees is assigned to stalk Reed, who nicknamed him Creepy Van Man due to his tendency to be spotted alongside a van. In an encounter with all three resisters, Creepy Van Man punched Sarah in the face, but overall, was defeated by Jonas. Several weeks later, another employee tracks Maggie down but she knocks him unconscious.

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