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Uncle Dan Lonelygirl15 Season 3 Recap
Character information
Age Unknown
Place of Origin En USA.gif United States
Portrayed by Angela Harp

Videos with Beth

Beth Turner (whose alias is Deep Throat) is one of the guests from the party that Jonas, Daniel, and Alex went to at Rebecca's house. She is a friend of Toby's and works as a reporter.

Nothing was heard from Beth for a long time after the party. Presumably, during this gap, she was working for the Order. However, when she and Alex realized what the Order was planning to do with Bree, they started to betray them. They sent information to TAAG using code names, Alex was TCC and Beth was Deep Throat. As Deep Throat, Beth contacted Daniel via text message with information regarding the Ceremony. On the day of the Ceremony, her clues helped TAAG track down Bree at the medical facility in which she was held.

Following Bree's death, Beth continued to work as a journalist, and wasn't heard from again until almost a year later, when she has taken the job of a television reporter and covers the stories of Edward Salinas's and Carl's apparent suicides.

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