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These characters made their first appearance at a party that Jonas and Daniel attended (featured in Uncle Dan and Uncle Dan (D-Bone Remix). They are probably friends or at least acquaintances of Jonas's aunt, Alex. Little is known about these individuals, but if Alex's allegiance to the Order is any indication, they too might be members of said Order. One of these characters was the host of the party, but it is unclear which one it was. Whoever owns the house has a picture of Lucy and another woman on display, indicating that Alex and at least one other person at the party are involved with the Order.

It was later revealed that the party was hosted by Rebecca.


David appears at the party wearing a chocolate-colored shirt. He takes Alex aside to talk to her and yells something about Daniel being "19 years old, for Christ's sake" before getting splashed by Alex's drink. There is speculation that he may be Alex's ex-husband.

Hey, ever wanted to date a Liev Schrieber lookalike?
Oh, sorry, was I saying that out loud? My bad.
Thanks, Alex, but I've already had a glass...


Damien made a comment about Jonas being cute and sexy, and is therefore most likely gay. The Danielbeast version of "Uncle Dan" confirms that Damien was openly flirting with Jonas. Jonas was obviously very uncomfortable with Damien's advances, which ended many fans' speculation about Jonas being gay.

Do you want it Jonas?
Can I open a bottle for you?
Yum, this is some good meat!


Toby is Jonas's cousin, though they hadn't seen each other since "the funeral" (presumably of Jonas's parents). He is friends with Beth, the reporter. After the party, he begins dating Carla.

Talk to Jonas? That could be awkward...
Hey Jonas! So... your parents still dead?
Yeah, that was pretty awkward. I'm leaving now.


Beth is a friend of Toby, who is a reporter.

Pleased to meet you Jonas, I'm Beth.
Choose your words carefully, Toby.
Is it just me, or are you distracted?


Carla appears first in Uncle Dan, in which she hits on Jonas, offering him one of her room keys and kissing him. In Speak to Me!, it is revealed that she is dating Toby, Jonas's cousin.

Joseph, Jonas, who cares? You're hot!
I'd better grab you before Damien does!
Why, Jonas, are you blushing?


Will speaks briefly to Jonas while Carla is hitting on him, telling him that someone was looking for him. It is unclear whether someone really was looking for Jonas, or if Will was trying to help Jonas out of what was apparently an embarrassing situation.

Someone is looking for you!


Right before Jonas and Daniel leave, Carl tries to talk to Daniel about something, but Jonas and Alex push him away. The Uncle Dan (D-Bone Remix) video reveals that he was angry because Daniel interrupted an earlier conversation between him and his girlfriend Sonia. Carl and his girlfriend Sonia later appear in the video Sing With Me as apparently brainwashed members of the Hymn of One, and they appear at the Hymn of One seminar. Carl later appears with Bree in FOLLOW YOUR HAPPINESS.

Let me know when you have a girlfriend so I can interrupt you.

Finn (the musician)

Finn is apparently a musician from England. When Daniel tries to start a conversation, Finn shoos him away because Daniel is not familiar with his music. Some think he might be the infamous War Pylol, and others think that he is the musician that Gemma went on a few dates with.

You don't know my stuff...


Claudia speaks to Daniel briefly about the correct pronunciation of her name (CLOUD-ee-a) and mentions that she is from Greece. She has a very thick accent.

I am Clau...


Very little is known about Seth beyond his name. The few times he is seen, he is talking to Will, so they may be friends.



Sonia is Carl's girlfriend and a friend of Alex. She is apparently drunk while talking to Daniel. Daniel interrupts a conversation between her and Carl, which Carl gets very angry about, though Sonia insists it is fine. Sonia and her boyfriend Carl later appear in the video Sing With Me as apparently brainwashed members of the Hymn of One, and at the seminar.

Alex has told me about you.
Hi, I'm Sonia.
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