Final Check. Pigeon Launch (April 21st)

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Episode 9/1x009
Final Check. Pigeon Launch (April 21st)

Good-bye, HTMLvis

Blogger Maddison Atkins
Date Posted April 21st, 2007
Length 3:46
Description "Final Check: Sketchy timbre needs clarity: not SM57/58. A4 tuned 15hz flat: feedback expected." This is the note we sent to Mr. Zipp with the pigeon I've been keeping the last couple of days. Thanks deagol for the suggestion! Now we wait.
YouTube Tags maddison atkins maddisonatkins lonelygirl15 bree daniel jonas pigeon note launch mr zipp
Music Music by Nameless
Maddison Faye Austin
Adam Jason Zednick
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Final Check. Pigeon Launch (April 21st) is the ninth video in the Maddison Atkins video series.


(Maddison is sitting at her desk, cutting a strip of paper. Adam sits nearby, on the floor, looking bored.)

Maddison: Okay, and we talked to people on the forum and they came up with something that we can send to him. "Final check"... like this is our final check... you know how they do with a microphone? (Mimes holding a microphone up to her mouth) So, "Final Check: Sketchy timbre needs clarity" Because, like timbre means sound color... and the colors and the sketches and all that need to be clarified because we're not sure what they mean. And then "Not SM57/58" because SM57 and 58... those are kinds of microphones from the company Shure, and like, we're not "sure." And then "A4 tuned 15hz flat" because A4 is like... a concert... an orchestra term... and it's when they're all like... tuning to get to the same thing. And so if you tune it into 15hz flat, then that means 425. So we wanna know what's going to happen on 4/25. And then "feedback expected," because feedback on a microphone is that really high-pitched, long sound that hurts your ears. That's like the term they use for that. So we want feedback on all of this stuff, and especially on 4/25 to know what's going to happen. So what do you think?

(Adam mumbles something indistinguishably)

Maddison: Final Check: Sketchy timbre needs clarity: not SM57/58. A4 tuned 15hz flat: feedback expected.

Adam: So who came up with that?

Maddison: Um, deagol, in the forum. (She begins rolling the message into a ball) I want to make sure this is really tight.

(Adam laughs. He goes and gets the pigeon.)

Maddison: Hold on for one second.

Adam: Alright, little buddy.

(Adam and Maddison begin whispering indistinguishably whilst tying message to the pigeon's leg. Cuts to Adam standing outside with the pigeon in hand.)

Adam: There's no way we're going to follow the bird. It could be going 100,000 miles for all we know.

Maddison: Let's launch it!

Adam: You ready?

Maddison: Yeah.

Adam: Let's do it!

Maddison: Do it!

Adam: See ya!

(He releases the bird. The camera watches it fly away. Adam puts his hands up the the camera and shudders. The camera then cuts to Maddison, who is walking down a street.)

Adam: Alright, so... now what?

Maddison: (Shrugs) Wait, I guess.

Adam: Wait for what?

Maddison: I dunno. For him to get the note and see what he does, I guess. Hopefully he does something.