Prom: It's To Die For - Part 4

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Episode 496/3x086
Prom: It’s To Die For - Part 4

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Goodbye beautiful...

Blogger Emma
Date Posted June 6th, 2008
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Length 6:34
Description Now we know the truth.
Location(s) Beach, The Hymn of One Los Angeles Recruitment Center, Rented Cabin at Big Bear Lake
YouTube Tags lonelygirl15 lg15 danielbeast jonastko bree elder jennie emma gina prom
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Miles Beckett, Greg Goodfried, and Amanda Goodfried
Series Producer(s) Amanda Goodfried
Production Assistant(s) Jenni Powell
Director(s) Marcello Daciano
Camera Kevin Schlanser
Vidplay Tom Pettit, Jim Campolongo, Amanda Goodfried, and Greg Goodfried
Story Tom Pettit, Jim Campolongo, and Amanda Goodfried
Editor(s) Kevin Schlanser
Music Supervisor Seth Jacobs
Music "Order", "How Do I Work This" & "Delicate" by The Kokoon, "Turn The Light On" by Five Star Fall, "Never Get Out" by Brad Sucks
Sarah Alexandra Dreyfus
Jennie Melanie Merkosky
Jonas Jackson Davis
Emma Katherine Pawlak
Gina Crystal Young
Daniel Yousef Abu-Taleb
Lucy Amanda Goodfried
Carl Craig Coyne
Edward Salinas Jos Viramontes
Lord Carruthers No Credit Given
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Prom: It’s To Die For - Part 4 is the four-hundred ninety-sixth video in the lonelygirl15 video series. It is also the eighty-sixth video of season three. This video is correctly called "Prom: It’s To Die For - Part 4", with a punctuation apostrophe (right single quotation mark) instead of a typewriter apostrophe - it resides here for easier accessibility.


Jennie: This is the beach where I made that video talking about poverty. Thanks to everyone in the LG15 community, Daniel and Emma made it here safely.

(Jennie pans to Daniel on his laptop nearby, with Emma in the background.)

Daniel: Well, we still need to find the others. There's been no word from them yet.

Emma: Dude, do you really think you're gonna find them in the chatroom?

Daniel: I mean, probably not, but... I don't know, maybe somebody in here has a good idea about what to do next.

Jennie: I'm really concerned that we haven't heard anything from Jonas yet. It's not like him at all.

Daniel: Oh shit...

Jennie: What?

Daniel: Wait a minute. Hey, someone in here says they saw Carl grab one of our cameras from the cabin.

Jennie: What do you mean?

Daniel: Yeah, from your footage! They say that they see an arm reach down and grab one of the cameras. And they recognize it as being Carl's jacket!

Jennie: I guess he really was in on it.

Daniel: And if we want to get to Salinas, we need to find Carl and get that camera back.

Emma: Wait a second, what are you doing? We can't just leave, we don't even know if they're okay.

Jennie: W-w-wait, I think Daniel might be right. I don't want to leave yet either, but I still have Carl's swipe-key. We can get into the Hymn of One Center... Start there! It might be more productive than sitting around here.

Daniel: Yeah.

Emma: Okay, well can you at least tell everybody in chat where we are just in case Sarah and Jonas check the site?

Daniel: Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Jennie: That's a good idea.

(Cut to Daniel, Emma, and Jennie walking along the beach. Daniel is filming himself.)

Daniel: I'm not sure, but maybe that other camera picked up something we didn't see. (Jonas shouts in the distance.) I mean, it could be our only lead, you know what I mean?

Jennie: Did you guys hear that?

Emma: What?

Jennie: I heard some--

Jonas: Hey!

Jennie: Look!

Jonas: Hey!

Emma: It's Jonas! (Runs to Jonas and hugs him. Jennie giggles.) Hey! Oh my God.

Jonas: Are you okay?

Daniel: Dude, what's up, man?

Emma: Yeah.

Daniel: Are you alright?

Jonas: Yeah.

Daniel: Are you okay, man? (Hugs Jonas.)

Jonas: Yeah. I'm alright. (Hugs Jennie.) I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry I'm late, I saw on the website that you guys were coming here but my fucking cell phone died and I- and I couldn't call. I'm sorry. Sorry.

Emma: No, I'm happy you're safe! (Hugs Jonas.)

Daniel: Hey.

Emma: Oh my God.

Daniel: Have you heard from Sarah?

Jonas: No man, I'm sorry, I- I haven't.

(Daniel walks off, disappointed. Cut to the group crouched inside the Hymn of One Center.)

Daniel: Okay. We're here in the Hymn of One Center. Carl's swipe-key got us in, but it doesn't look like anybody's here. Let's go! Go, go!

(Jennie leads the way, hurrying down the hallway. They crouch outside of a doorway.)

Jennie: (Whispering.) Somebody's here! Somebody's here!

(Daniel hurries ahead. Cut to Salinas, Carl, Lucy, and Lord Carruthers standing in a nearby room.)

Salinas: It is a great honor to be in your presence. I will make you proud of me during my forthcoming ascension. To prove that I am worthy of your patronage I've brought you a gift, brought to us by our newest member young Carl here. I present to you, Lord Carruthers, footage, proof that one of our enemy has fallen.

Jennie: What should we do?

Emma: I'll make a distraction, it always works.

Jonas: No, Emma! No, no, no! Don't you dare!

Emma: Why?

Jonas: Not this time. You're too-- You're too valuable to them. Besides... (Pulls a pistol from his back pocket.) I have a plan. (Puts a magazine in the pistol.) Alright listen, it's now or never. Emma and Jennie, you guys go out front and wait for us, alright?

Emma: Alright c'mon. (Runs toward the lobby.)

Jonas: Let's go get 'em.

Jennie: Be careful. (Follows Emma.)

Jonas: Are you ready? (Jennie slams the door behind them.) Go, go, go.

(Jennie slams the door behind them. Jonas and Daniel run into a nearby room. Cut to Lucy escorting Lord Carruthers out of the room.)

Lucy: Come on. It's not safe.

(Jonas and Daniel sneak around the corner to the room where Salinas and Carl are. Jonas aims the gun to Salinas.)

Jonas: Okay. Okay, give me the camera. I said give me the camera!

Salinas: No. If you really wanted it, you would have shot us by now.

Carl: Jonas, don't do this.

Jonas: Carl, why don't you shut the fuck up! Alright, I'll deal with you later. Alright? That's a promise. Now you, I'm not kidding.

Salinas: I think you are. If there were any bullets in that gun, we'd have all been dead by now, but there aren't, are there?

(Jonas hits Salinas in the face with the gun. He then grabs the camera from Carl and runs out of the building. Cut to Emma on the laptop outside.)

Daniel: Upload it.

Emma: Okay. (Looks at the camera.) Here's the final piece.

(Cut to Gina putting on makeup in front of a mirror.)

Gina: Oh! I'm not very good at this. I've never put on eyeliner before. I think it's even, at least I hope so. Oh... I don't know though; putting on this dress and doing my makeup and big hair, I didn't think I'd feel this normal. (Emma knocks on the door.) Yes?

Emma: (Walks over.) Hi. Will you come on? It took you six hours to buy this dress and now it's taking you seven to get ready.

Gina: I know, I just... I wanna look good.

Emma: I know, and you look beautiful, you do. But prom is going to be over before you even step onto the dance floor.

Gina: Okay. Okay, bossy... bossy.

Emma: (Laughs.) Alright. Let's go.

Gina: (Blows a kiss to the camera and waves.) Bye!

(Cut to Gina dancing, holding the camera.)

Gina: Tonight's donation? What's he talking about?

Emma: Dude, dude forget about Salinas. Check it out. Our evil plan is working! Look!

Gina: Oh, wow!

(Gina pans the camera to the porch, where Daniel and Sarah are flirting.)

Gina: This is like a real prom!

Emma: No...

Gina: Romance and everything!

Emma: Yeah. (Giggles.)

Gina: When's the puking going to start?

(Gina jumps up and down, waving a balloon. Cut to Emma dancing and giggling. Gina looks to the porch where Daniel, Jennie, Jonas, and Sarah are talking.)

Gina: What's going on out there?

Emma: I don't know. I'll check it out.

Gina: Okay.

(Emma runs out to the deck and sets her camera down on the table.)

Emma: Hey guys, what is going on?

(Gina turns the camera on herself and shrugs.)

Gina: I don't know. (Smiles and continues dancing.)

Carl: Hey, Gina?

Gina: Yeah?

Carl: Can, um... can I just talk to you for...

Gina: Yeah. Okay, sure.

(Gina and Carl sit down on the couch together.)

Carl: Um... I just wanted to say that I'm sorry.

Gina: For what?

Carl: For... for putting you guys in danger.

Gina: Oh, it's okay. Emma saved you, and now we're all here.

Carl: (Smiles weakly.) Uh...

Gina: Carl, is everything okay? You seem a little...

Jonas: You! You! Huh? Can you explain this?

(Jonas holds up Carl's Hymn of One swipe-key and starts fighting with Carl.)

Gina: Whoa. Whoa.

Emma: Jonas!

Gina: Whoa, whoa!

Jonas: You wanna try to exp-

(Carl attacks Jonas.)

Emma: Jonas!

Gina: Guys, what is going on?

(Jonas tackles Carl to the ground and begins punching him.)

Daniel: Whoah!

Sarah: Oh my god!

Gina: What is go-

Jennie: Stop!

Gina: What are you doing?

Sarah: Hey!

Daniel: Whoah. Whoah. (Stops Jonas.)

Jonas: (Looks at the camera.) Get some rope.

(Cut to Gina walking down the hallway to a bedroom. She slowly opens the door, revealing Carl bound and gagged in a chair. Jonas is standing over him, keeping watch. He turns when Gina enters.)

Jonas: Hey. (Walks to the door.)

Gina: He awake?

Jonas: No, no he's not awake. (Closes the door behind himself.) But when he does wake up, we're gonna have a lot of questions to ask him, okay? C'mon.

(Cut to the Sarah walking over to Daniel in the living room. She grabs his hand and pulls him out of the room.)

Daniel: Okay...

Emma: We should go.

Jennie: I don't know, I think we should--

Gina: Go where?

Jonas: Yeah, you know, I think that's a good idea. We could put him in the trunk, take him back to the house, and-and question him there.

(Emma shrugs and quickly points at Jonas.)

Emma: Jonas, what's on your forehead?

(Gina pans to Jonas, revealing a red laser sight fixed on his forehead.)

Jonas: What?

Gina: Jonas get down! (Jumps forward and pushes Jonas out of the way, taking the bullet herself.)

(Gina falls to the ground. Screams, shattering glass, and footsteps are heard as the camera focuses on Gina falling to the floor.)

Emma: Jonas, are you okay?

(Jonas runs to Gina as a boom is heard. He puts his hand on her wrist.)

Jonas: I don't feel a pulse. Run. Everybody run!

(Jonas gets up and runs with Emma out of the cabin.)

Emma: Everybody run!

(Gina lays still on the floor as the music continues. Lucy walks in front of the camera.)


  • The shot of Carl being tied up is very similar to the shots of Jonas in Interrogation 101 and Steve in The Prisoner.
  • Although Gina claims she has never put on eyeliner before, she has worn it in numerous other videos most visibly in Backyard Bikini Patrol.
  • This video contains Lucy's first official line of dialogue in the entire LG15 series.
  • A small amount of blood though hard to see, is on the corner of Gina's lips.
  • Although it seemed (before this video) hard to tell who had been killed at prom, fans could guess it was Gina because when TAAG met at the beach, nobody asked about or mentioned her.