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First Appearance Last Appearance
Nagrałem hita Landsteiner
Character information
Age at least 200
Portrayed by Mariusz Luszowski

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Halvard (also known as Man in Black) is an associate of Nathalie's. He is an Elder of the Order. Ola's blood was meant for him. Halvard used to live in Warsaw during the time after World War II. It seems that he is the soldier for Napoleon on the painting that was in Ola's apartment in Wałbrzych.

Halvard murdered both Ewa and Kama for investigating the Order too much. After Kama died, Halvard sent a messenger to tell her that Kama needed a blood transfusion from Ola. Ola went to the hospital, which is where Halvard and his assistant Sabina captured her. Ola died in the Ceremony for Halvard.

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