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List of Characters in N1ckola

Main Characters · Recurring Characters · Guest Characters · Unseen Characters

Main Characters

These main characters are the focus of most videos and the central plot. They have major speaking parts and create their own video blogs.


Portrayed by: Ania Narloch

A trait positive Polish girl with somewhat unstable relationships.


Portrayed by: Paweł Parczewski

Ola's on-and-off again boyfriend and roommate with a unique sense of humor.


Portrayed by: Marzena Kopczyńska

Ola's best friend back in Poland who may know more than she is telling.


Portrayed by: Bartek Picher

An agent of the Order known to help the Resistance who may or may not be trustworthy.


Portrayed by: Konrad Marszałek

A freelance journalist who is investigating the organization that killed his friend.


Portrayed by: Julia Trębacz

Ursyn's assistant who has a tendency to get too involved in the stories she covers.


Portrayed by: Jakub Krawczyk

A photographer friend of Ursyn who makes more money acting as a paparazzi.


Portrayed by: Anna Kordus

Pyton's ex-girlfriend who is overly critical of others, but still has a soft spot for him.

Recurring Characters

While these recurring characters are not always around, they reappear often, and influence the story when they do. Some of them videoblog, while others are not videobloggers but still contribute to the plot.


Portrayed by: Mateusz Mikołajczyk

Kama's roommate with ties to the Hymn of One and a mysterious stalker.


Portrayed by: Ewa Kania

Natan's girlfriend who seems tough but can have a softer side.


Portrayed by: Ernest Nita

A mysterious stranger who may know more about Ola than he lets on.


Portrayed by: Iwona Karlicka

A mysterious stranger who can be both charming an vile.


Portrayed by: Sean Morgan

Was forced to fire her by the Order, despite her being his best worker.


Portrayed by: Ania Kieca

An associate of Bartek with connections to Natan and Dominika.


Portrayed by: Monika Mazur

A new friend of Ola's gang who was responsible for her capture. Natan's eighteen-year-old younger sister.


Portrayed by: Mariusz Luszowski

An agent and Elder of the Order with close ties to Nathalie.


Portrayed by: Artur Krajewski

Withdrew from the action to have a desk job, but was killed in action by the Order.


Portrayed by: Małgorzata Maślanka-Krajewska

Andrzej's widow who wants her husband's killers brought to justice.

NoImage Female.gif

Portrayed by: Monika Badura

Halvard's most trusted colleague.

NoImage Male.gif

Portrayed by: Jacek Grondowy

A friend of Karolina who is attacked by the Order.

Guest Characters

These guest characters usually appear in one or two videos and (for the most part) do not post blogs. Most of them only have minor significance to the plot.

Portrayed by: Various Actors

Ola's coworkers who helped surprise her on her birthday.

Portrayed by: Various Actors

Members of the Order who are after Ola.

Portrayed by: Terry Clark-Ward

A Doctor whose warning to Ola cost him his life.

Portrayed by: Varous Actors

Doctors who treat Ola at the clinic and later the Resistance at the hospital.

Portrayed by: A House Cat

Ola and Daniel's pet cat.

Portrayed by: Elżbieta Adamska

A woman who asks Ola for directions at the bus station.

Portrayed by: Ewelina Biedunkiewicz

A bus passenger who is confronted by Bartek.

Portrayed by: Sławek Grzymek

A man hired by the Order who tries to mug Ola.

Portrayed by: Various Actors

Drive taxis or buses and pick up hitchhikers at various times in the series.

Portrayed by: Krystyna Rozbicka

An old neighbor of The Polaks who watches Kama talk to Magda.

Portrayed by: Various Actors

Normally passive members of the Order who murdered Andrzej.

Portrayed by: Alina Proskin

The new bar manager at Ola's old job.

Portrayed by: No Credit Given

Dominika's school friend whom she walks home with.

Portrayed by: Various Actors

Guard the Order Headquarters in Poland.

Portrayed by: Alek Ciechociński

A man Ursyn visits for information.

Portrayed by: Andrzej Niemirski

The Leader of the Polish Resistance who contacts Karolina.

Unseen Characters

There are a number of unseen characters that have been mentioned, but have never been seen on screen, and are not video bloggers. Due to the mysterious nature of the plot, some of these people may not actually exist.

Ola's parents, who live back in Wałbrzych, Poland.

An unintelligent ex of Ola.

An unintelligent ex of Kama.

The leader of the American Resistance.