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This article is about the N1ckola character. For other Nathans, see Nathan.
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Rezydent Story
Character information
Age 24
Place of Origin Flag of Poland.gif Poland
Relationships Justyna (Girlfriend)
N1ckola natano
Portrayed by Mateusz Mikołajczyk

Videos with Natan

Natan is Justyna's boyfriend and roommate and Kama's roommate in the N1ckola webseries. He works in rehab and is athletic. However, in relationships, he's shy and insecure. Natan enjoys talking to Kama which upsets Justyna, his girlfriend who is easily prone to jealousy. He's also great at board games.


The nature of his job allows him to dictate his own hours and hang out in the apartment. When Ola arrives, he mistakenly believes she is one of his roommates, and playfully attacks her in her underwear and a cape. Upon discovering that Ola is a stranger, he is mortified, and covers himself up, apologizing profusely. Justyna arrives a few minutes later in a tense mood, and Natan attempts to calm the atmosphere by introducing themselves and making small talk. However, they are interrupted when they see Kama outside yelling at someone on the phone.

The next day, Natan blasts music early in the morning, believing that he is alone in the apartment. He is distressed when he discovers that Ola is still there and was woken up, and he apologizes. He tells Ola that Kama had gone to Wałbrzych, and he had assumed that she had gone with her.

It is later revealed that Natan and Justyna were working for the Order the entire time.


  • During the first half of the first season, Natan was billed as a main character and featured as one of the six main profiles on However, he was removed shortly after the second storyline was introduced, though he continued to appear regularly for several more weeks. A couple of months after the season one finale, during the week of September 7th, he was restored to the front page as a featured character.


Natan is the Hebrew form of Nathan.<ref></ref> Nathan means "giver" in Hebrew. In the Old Testament this was the name of both a prophet and a son of King David. It has been used as a Christian given name in the English-speaking world since the Protestant Reformation.<ref></ref>

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