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Character information
Age 23 (Deceased)
Place of Origin Flag of Poland.gif Poland
Relationships Magda (Girlfriend)
N1ckola raafal
Phone +48568532576
Email Email Rafał
Portrayed by Ernest Nita

Videos with Rafał

Rafał Kos is the significant other of Magda. He and Magda visit the restaurant where Ola works, and throw a fit in order to lure Ola away from her post and to their table. Once there, Daniel surprises her, and the restaurant staff arrives with a birthday cake. At this point, Rafał seems to lighten up, and joins in the birthday festivities.

He and Magda join Ola and Daniel for a walk around London, where they reveal that they live in Wałbrzych, Poland. Ola becomes uncomfortable, and explains that is where her parents live. Afterwards, the two couples exchange contact information and promise to stay in touch.

A couple of months later, Daniel is visited by Rafał while imprisoned by the Order in London. Rafał pretends to be another victim of the Order's brutality, and wears makeup to make himself look beaten up, and he is able to gain information on Ola's childhood successfully.

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